Notice Regarding Webkinz World Codes


The safest way to obtain Adoption Codes, Deluxe Codes, Feature Codes or any other Webkinz World code is through a direct purchase from Ganz eStore.



Your codes are yours to do with as you please, but there are potential consequences to purchasing codes outside of Ganz eStore.



Adoption Codes are an important part of your account security — unsealed codes could compromise your account.



We also cannot guarantee that codes obtained outside of Ganz eStore are unused. No refunds or replacements will be issued for codes obtained this way.



Additionally, if those codes have been obtained through fraudulent methods, they may be removed from your account and your account could be banned.

63 Responses to Notice Regarding Webkinz World Codes

  1. 2usie says:

    I have been on Webkinz for years, and recently started playing again. Last night I found the free community codes, and the final challenge code. For some reason the final challenge code didn’t work, and I have now been banned from the code shop area for 24 hours. Does this risk me getting banned from Webkinz? I like the codes but it scares me now.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      You should be fine. Please make sure you check expiration dates for Community Codes, and ideally you should copy and paste the codes into the Code Shop to avoid unintentional errors

  2. mushfish says:

    I sometimes purchase from pets and codes from sites like Ebay. I would recommend you look at the seller before buying and see if they have sold things with issues like used codes.

  3. threehounds says:

    To be off topic, the nuts & bolts malfunction thing is happening again. Just to let webkinz know.

  4. OakleyJerzy says:

    If you don’t want people buying codes and pets from third parties, why would you discontinue the plush pets? That makes no sense. people don’t buy from ganz estore because you could spend the same amount of money for a stuffed animal AND the online pet!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      This isn’t about what we want. This about alerting people to potential issues. That is all.

      • kinzklipfan says:

        I think what OakleyJerzy was saying was that they thought you were saying you shouldn’t buy plush pets from third parties (this is what I first thought when I read the article, which confused and concerned me). After reading your comments and stumbling across the issue on Reddit, I better understand that you weren’t saying that people shouldn’t buy plush pets. You just wanted to alert people that you can’t guarantee codes bought from third parties are safe (which is a good reminder, but imo I think the message was confusing to someone that didn’t know about the recent incident of accounts being banned). OakleyJerzy, if you’re reading this I think this is where the confusion came in. I understand where you’re coming from.

  5. creek4kids says:

    Isn’t it illegal to fraudulently use another person’s credit card? Depending on the offense, and their location, this person might be prosecuted. Plus everything you do online is traceable.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Of course it’s illegal. Anything purchased with a stolen credit card is also going to be voided. This could then impact anyone that purchased one of the stolen codes.

  6. rainbowmaddie14 says:

    Any updates on plush pets?!

    • btirwin says:

      I don’t know, but I know that w/ the pandemic, we should be patient, as a bunch of people are trying their best to get through this: not just the essential workers, but everyone who works including GANZ. Everyone is essential. :)

    • Magarrinee says:

      yes please webkinz! i miss plushes so much!!!!!!

    • CDR_Shepard says:

      Plush pets were discontinued sometime late last year or earlier this year; I miss plush pets as well. I love them a lot, I still remember getting my first plush from my Aunt back in ’07. It would be very nice to have them brought back.

    • OakleyJerzy says:

      webkinz was way better when they had the plush pets. it’s still fun, just less unique and fun…

  7. mfaull says:

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I really MISS being able to purchase actual Plush Webkinz!! Any chance of bringing them back?

    • zoomycat says:

      When they announced they’d discontinued plush pets, they said that stuffed animals had always been a big part of the Ganz Corporation’s gift line and would bring them back when they figured out a better way of getting them to the customers. Retail outlets belonging to other companies didn’t work out to their satisfaction and when they went to ordering plush from the estore only, people didn’t buy enough to meet expectations so they quit. I don’t know what other methods of selling plush are available but I hope they figure it out soon, I miss the plush pets so much. And my mom misses them even more than I do!

    • OakleyJerzy says:

      webkinz is less fun without them. :(

  8. pusheenlover says:

    Just to be safe, I want to ask: I bought a sealed code of a signature King Charles Spaniel from a resale site called Mercari, the person wanted the plush but not the code, will there be any problems if I use the code?

  9. samsterson says:

    Ganz COULD just start making plush again. :)

  10. zootzoot says:

    I really want to understand what is happening so let me see if this is right. Fraudulent methods equals Webkinz that were purchased with a stolen credit card, correct? And now these Webkinz are being sold to unsuspecting players? Is that what is happening?

    • zoomycat says:

      No, the way I read it is, some people have figured out how to hack the system & make up fraudulent codes, which they didn’t pay for, and then may sell to unsuspecting players. I don’t get how this is even possible but I guess it’s a problem.

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