Check back here between July 3rd and August 10th for #One Webkinz World Updates and Challenges!


Final Neon Tutu Item Unlocked!

August 8th, 4:43 PM


The mysterious Neon Tutu recipe has long remained unsolved – until now! We loved reading your #OneWebkinzWorld memories so much that we’ve unlocked the third and final ingredient for everyone…early! Look for it to be floating in Webkinz World on Sunday, Aug. 10. Have fun creating your own Neon Tutu!



August 8th, 3:02 PM


Congratulations on an amazing #OneWebkinzWorld journey! As a special final bonus reward, you’ll now get 70% off specific eStore items in the W Shop on Sunday, Aug. 10 (please note: this promo begins at 2AM Sunday, EST). It’s a great way to spend your free eStore Points!


Thank You!

August 7th, 1:03 PM


With Play Days kicking off tomorrow, Aug. 8, we wanted say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this amazing #OneWebkinzWorld event!


In fact, as a token of our appreciation for our fantastic fans, we upped your free eStore Points reward from 3,000 to 4,000! You’ll find them in your eStore Points counter on your Webkinz.com account the first time you login between Aug. 8-10.


Have a blast during Play Days!


2nd Neon Tutu Item Unlocked PLUS New Webkinz Newz Goal!

August 5th, 5:13 PM


Congrats to the community for reaching 1000 subscribers on our NEW YouTube Channel! You did so well hitting 1000 that we’ve now unlocked the SECOND Neon Tutu ingredient for you to enjoy during Play Days.


“What about that third ingredient, though?” you ask? While we encourage the community to keep subscribing to the YouTube Channel by clicking here (you get access to so many awesome Webkinz videos, it’s great!), we also want you to get that third Neon Tutu ingredient. Why? Because it’s more fun!


Along with reaching 2000 YouTube subscribers, here’s another way you can unlock the third Neon Tutu ingredient:


  1. Go to the #OneWebkinzWorld “Stories We Love” article by clicking here.
  2. Tell us your favorite #OneWebkinzWorld memory in the comment section (please only one memory per person. Any non-memory-related comments will not be approved by moderators).
  3. If we get 500 memories by Aug. 9, you’ll unlock the third Neon Tutu ingredient!


Whichever milestone is reached first – 2000 YouTube subscribers or 500 #OWW memories – will unlock the third ingredient.


We can’t wait to read about your #OneWebkinzWorld memories. Good luck!


#OneWebkinzworld Trampoline Bonus Goal Unlocked!

August 1st, 1:58 PM


Congratulations, everyone! You’ve just earned 2000 points by posting, sharing and liking the Play Days cover photo! You’ll now receive the awesome #OneWebkinzWorld Trampoline during Play Days, in addition to what you’ve won so far.


You’re doing great on the YouTube subscriber challenge, too – plus, we’ve extended the deadline! If the community reaches 2000 subscribers to our NEW YouTube Channel by Aug. 7, you’ll unlock all 3 Neon Tutu ingredients.


Remember, to receive all the awesome rewards you’ve earned so far, log into Webkinz.com on Aug. 8-10 for Play Days!


Good luck!


NEW Bonus Goal to Achieve!

July 30th, 11:01 AM


While everyone’s working on subscribing to the YouTube channel in order to unlock more Neon Tutu ingredients, here’s another bonus goal to work toward at the same time – earning 2000 Points by using this #OneWebkinzWorld Play Days photo as your cover photo on Facebook! Here’s what to do:


  1.  and upload it to your Facebook profile
  2. Tag @webkinz in the description and include #OneWebkinzWorld (just like with the pet photos)
  3. Share and Like your friends’ #OneWebkinzWorld cover photos!


Just as with the pet photo goals, each hashtagged photo AND its Likes and Shares count for Points. We’ll track the numbers and let you know when you’ve reached 2000 Points and unlocked a NEW reward! Speaking of that reward, here it is…


Good luck!


#OneWebkinzWorld BONUS Goal Update!

July 25th, 01:23 PM


Wow, you reached 300 subscribers on our YouTube Channel so quickly! Your next goal? To unlock the OTHER two pieces of the Neon Tutu recipe (which will be revealed on Play Days, Aug. 8-10), help us hit 2000 YouTube Subscribers! Subscribe today by clicking the button below:



Good luck!


Also, as another little gift for participating in this unprecedented Webkinz event and completing Level 10 as a community, here’s a special profile picture for your social media page! Click it to download.




#OneWebkinzWorld Level 10 Unlocked!

July 24th, 04:41 PM



CONGRATS to the Webkinz community for reaching Level 10 in the #OneWebkinzWorld Challenge so quickly! You’ve even received a BONUS goal: if our YouTube Channel reaches 300 subscribers, you’ll get another reward to enjoy on Play Days!



#OneWebkinzWorld YouTube Update!

July 22th, 04:46 PM


Over 100 Videos are now available on the #OneWebkinzWorld playlist on the new Webkinz YouTube Channel. Like the videos on the playlist to earn points!


New #OneWebkinzWorld Challenge on Webkinz Newz for Points!

July 21th, 05:41 PM


The next #OneWebkinzWorld Challenge on Webkinz Newz is finally here! Tell us what you do on Webkinz Newz by completing a survey! The first 3,000 submissions will each win a point for #OneWebkinzWorld.


Go to the Quizzes page or click here to start on the “What Do You Do on Webkinz Newz?” survey!


Level 9 Unlocked!

July 21th, 03:39 PM


Amazing news: you’ve reached Level 9! Congratulations to everyone on an awesome weekend of sharing! In addition to what you’ve already won, you’ve now received 1000 more KinzCash, the Goober’s Atomic Lab room theme, another 1000 eStore Points AND specific pets will now be 60% off at the eStore on Play Days (Aug 8-10)! WOW!


We’re nearly to Level 10, can you believe it? It’s now time to come together to reach the final goal! To help out, share pet photos or videos tagged #OneWebkinzWorld on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube AND Share/Like/RT the ones we share from the official Webkinz social media accounts.


Don’t have a social media account? Don’t worry! We’ll be announcing another mini-challenge soon so EVERYONE can help reach Level 10 and beyond! Stay tuned to this page for more details.


Good luck!


Level 8 Unlocked!

July 19th, 02:06 PM


WOW! Well done to the community for unlocking the latest level! In addition to what you’ve already won, you’re getting 1000 more KinzCash, a FREE Adventure Park Backpack, 1000 eStore Points AND it’s now 50% off specific pets in the eStore!


90,000 Points is SO CLOSE! Keep liking and sharing photos from the main Webkinz social media accounts, uploading photos to social media (if you have accounts) and watch for a new special challenge just for WebkinzNewz.com readers!


Plus, BIG NEWZ: until the community reaches Level 9, if you upload a #OneWebkinzWorld video to YouTube, it’s now worth TRIPLE the points! Be sure to tell us about your pet in the video, include the banner and #OneWebkinzWorld in the title for it to count!


Level 7 Unlocked!

July 17th, 11:59 AM


Congrats everyone! In addition to what you’ve already won, you’re receiving 1000 KinzCash, a FREE Melanie Pet Buddy and 40% off specific pets on Play Days! Hooray! Keep going to reach 80,000 Points and lots more prizes!


PLEASE BE AWARE: Rules for Chatting #OneWebkinzWorld in the Kinzville Park

July 15th, 10:30am EST


We love that everyone’s getting into the #OneWebkinzWorld spirit, but we’d like to remind everyone that along with any other personal information, you CANNOT share social media usernames in KinzChat. If you do share information about your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube accounts, it will result in a ban.


Thank you for your understanding!


Levels 5 AND 6 Unlocked!!

July 14th, 2:11pm EST


WOW! The Ganzworld team arrived at Webkinz HQ this morning to find that the community had unlocked not one but TWO levels over the weekend! Congratulations on an awesome few days of uploading and sharing. In addition to what you’ve already won, you’ve now earned 2000 more KinzCash, a spin of the Super Wheel, the ability to download ALL Webkinz World Mobile Apps for FREE during Play Days, and 30% off specific Pets in the eStore during Play Days!


Want to keep blasting through milestones? Keep uploading pet photos and videos to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and Sharing/Liking photos and videos shared from the official Webkinz social media accounts!


All 1,000 ShareCenter Points Have Been Earned!

July 14th, 1:29pm EST


Congratulations everyone! All 1,000 Points have now been earned on ShareCenter. Head over to the #OneWebkinzWorld Gallery to peruse the pictures and rate your favorites!


Check back on this Updates page for the next Webkinz Newz Challenge!


Level 4 Unlocked!

July 11th, 11:54am EST


Congratulations to everyone on whizzing past 40,000 Points and unlocking Level 4! WOW! In addition to what you won at the Level 3, you’ve earned 3 FREE Spins on the Wheel of Wishes!


You totally want to get to Level 5, right? Don’t stop uploading your pet photos to social media with the hashtag #OneWebkinzWorld AND Liking, Sharing and RT-ing the photos and videos from the official Webkinz social media pages to earn more Points!



Great Work!

July 10th, 4:55PM


Everyone is doing wonderfully at continuing to post pet photos to social media! Keep up the great work.


Want more ways to share your pet’s story? Why not upload a YouTube video and tell the world about your pet? Simply include #OneWebkinzWorld in the video title and it’ll be counted toward the goal.


To see the adorable pet videos already posted, check out our special #OneWebkinzWorld playlist at www.youtube.com/webkinz!



Level 3 Unlocked!

July 9th, 5:12pm


Congrats to the community for passing 30,000 Points and unlocking Level 3! In addition to what you won at the Level 2 mark, the whole community has won another 1000 KinzCash and 3 Jumbleberry Fields Plays!


Want to help reach Level 4? Continue uploading your pet photos to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and the ShareCenter plus be sure to Like, Share and RT the pet photos/videos from the official Webkinz social media pages to keep earning Points!


Level 3 Update!

July 9th, 3:00pm EST


Hey everyone! You’re SO CLOSE to unlocking Level 3! Keep going and we’ll let you know as soon as you’ve passed the 30,000 milestone!


#OneWebkinzWorld YouTube Update!

July 9th, 11:50am EST 


15 Videos are now on the #OneWebkinzWorld playlist on the new Webkinz YouTube Channel. Remember to like the videos on the playlist to earn points toward your next unlock goal!


 #OneWebkinzWorld ShareCenter Update!

July 9th, 11:47am EST


We’re over half way to earning the total 1,000 Points on the #OneWebkinzWorld ShareCenter gallery! Keep uploading pictures of your plush pets  with the banner to earn all 1,000 Points!


Level 2 Unlocked!

July 8th, 3:30pm EST


WOW! The community has already passed 20,000 Points and earned 1000 KinzCash + 3 Spree Rolls in addition to what you’ve won at the 10,000 mark!

Congrats to everyone who’s participating. Want to help? Keep uploading your pet photos to social media and be sure to Like, Share and RT your fellow Webkinz players’ photos to help earn more Points.


The next level is so close, keep up the amazing work!


Level 1 Unlocked!

July 7th, 3:30pm EST


Congratulations to the Webkinz community for unlocking the first level of rewards after only ONE weekend of uploading pet photos and sharing them on social media! Keep uploading, sharing and Liking photos on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to help earn Points toward the 100,000 goal.


Don’t have a social media account? Help earn Points here on WebkinzNewz.com by sharing your pet photos in the ShareCenter!


Rules Update for Facebook!

July 7th, 2:12pm EST


Due to the feedback from our Facebook users, we’ve decided to update the rules for Facebook points!


You will now receive points from Liking and Sharing ANY user uploaded pictures, not just the framed ones we upload! This should give you, the community, an even great chance to get points!


#OneWebkinzWorld on ShareCenter Update!

July 5th, 6:03pm EST


Great job everyone! You’ve earned over 150 #OneWebkinzWorld points on ShareCenter! Keep introducing us to your pets by uploading to the #OneWebkinzWorld gallery and don’t forget to use the banner in your pictures!


#OneWebkinzWorld YouTube Reminders!

July 4th- 4:17pm EST


The first seven videos have been added to the #OneWebkinzWorld Playlist on the brand new, official Webkinz YouTube channel. Like the videos in the playlist to earn points!


Remember that videos need to be of Plush Pets to earn points!


Win 1,000 #OneWebkinzWorld Points on Share Center!

July 4th- 2:51pm EST


The first WKN Challenge is here! Upload pictures of your plush pets (and the Banner) to the #OneWebkinzWorld Gallery on ShareCenter!


The first 1,000 submissions will each win a point for #OneWebkinzWorld. Name the picture after your pet and tell us a story about it in the description!


Go to the #OneWebkinzWorld Gallery to start uploading!


Update Regarding Facebook Entries

July 4th – 12:16PM EST


For users posting their awesome pictures to Facebook, PLEASE remember to tag @Webkinz on your post! This will make your picture appear on our Facebook page and allow us to count it towards the total.


To do this, simply type @Webkinz. This will bring up a list of friends or pages you’ve liked that have Webkinz in it. Find our Facebook page from your list and click on it. You will know it was done right when the @Webkinz turns blue! Don’t forget, you need to have LIKED our Facebook page first! You can do that by going to www.facebook.com/Webkinz






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      This event ended in August 2014, so don’t worry! Also we think of our Webkinz community as everyone who plays, including those who like to talk about Webkinz online, like here on WebkinzNewz.com.

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