Party Packs Retiring August 25th



Due to ongoing technical issues with Webkinz Party Packs, that often cause them not to start, they will be retired from the W Shop at midnight, August 25th. Any Party Packs that you currently own will remain in your Dock and can still be used, however we cannot guarantee that they will work properly, due to these ongoing issues.


Even though this feature is being removed, the party continues in Webkinz World! You can always meet up with your friends at the Kinzville Park and at the Webkinz Clubhouse, and it’s always fun to challenge your friends to games at the Tournament Arena. You’ll also notice that some of the loot bag prizes will be appearing on Webkinz prize wheels in the future.


Don’t forget to keep the party going by downloading the Webkinz Desktop Application, so you can enjoy Webkinz for years to come!


This has been Ella McWoof, reporting for Webkinz Newz.


133 Responses to Party Packs Retiring August 25th

  1. Funny283 says:

    Pleeease webkinz bring these back! I loved them sooo much! I didn’t care about that issue, but please JUST PLEASE bring them back. It makes me sad that you discontinued them :(

  2. Morningdew12 says:

    It’s sad to see these party packs go because they were the only way I could go over to another member’s house. But the loot bags never really worked for me :( I still have three loot bags that I’m waiting to open. Could the loot bags maybe be available in the Wshop and could be purchased with Kinzcash?

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