Podkinz 99: Kinzville Bake Sale & Backstage Pass Giveaway!


In this episode of Podkinz, Michael shows Mandy several rooms he built using the new Kinzville Bake Sale prizes. Make sure you watch the whole episode because at the end, Michael and Mandy give away a code for a Rockerz Backstage Pass (code expires July 31st, 2018):


Enter the code for the backstage pass at the Code Shop on Webkinz.com. Your pass will automatically be added to your Dock. Drag the backstage pass into your room to pick a Rockerz themed prize!


Missed the last episode of Podkinz? CLICK HERE to watch to it now!


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Send Mandy and Michael your questions and ideas for the show! You can email your ideas to podkinz@ganz.com. Who knows, you may hear Mandy & Michael read your email on their next podkinz episode… and if they do, they’ll email you with a code for a special prize!


33 Responses to Podkinz 99: Kinzville Bake Sale & Backstage Pass Giveaway!

  1. GramaII says:

    I cannot get into Today’s Activities – it tells me: Failed to retrieve data for ‘view’ descriptor(s) matching [4311]id(s)/tag(s). Can you please help me. Thank you.

    • rivertoo says:

      I get the same message when I try to go into the Arcade. For 2 days now. Please extend the deluxe contest Ganz. I have to share our computer and have lost prime time to play the Arcade portion of contest.

  2. Kasidy06 says:

    I got the Rockerz Electric Guitar! I love it!

  3. ccutshaw says:

    Does anyone have any bars or danishes that they can send me from the 2nd bake sale? I would really appreciate it!! Thanks! ccutshaw

  4. Davids1lilpixie says:

    Am I the only one who has noted that after the first day or two when the clicky floaties in game for the bake sale were absolutely flying past, that as of late, I’m lucky if I see 1 go floating past? That there has been an absolute lack of bake sale clicky floaties in game?

  5. abiela2013 says:

    When I try entering the code for the Backstage Pass at the Code Shop, it says that I used the code before. I have never entered the code before.

  6. Michaela2007 says:

    Can anyone tell me which bleachers are used in the City Center room?

  7. KSC says:

    Another super fun episode of Podkinz!! Thank you Michael and Mandy! Thank you also for the Rockerz Backstage Pass! Have a great day everyone!

  8. julieperkins says:

    wow, look at all the excitement ready for the taking!

  9. babyssss says:

    I just want to wish all friends a very HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY. I hope you are able to enjoy with family.

  10. megamom12 says:

    Aaaaah! I just won the prize pie on my secondary account and won the Hotel Pool! I’m so excited and happy! Happy Mother’s Day to me!!!

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