Podkinz Ep 107: Halloween in Webkinz World!


Mandy and Michael are ready for Halloween! In this episode of Podkinz, they give you an exclusive first look at some of this year’s Halloween prizes. Make sure you watch the whole episode, because at the end, Michael and Mandy give away a code for Haunted Hotel Wallpaper! 




Enter the code for your Haunted Hotel Wallpaper prize at the Code Shop on Webkinz.com (code expires Nov 30th, 2018).


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26 Responses to Podkinz Ep 107: Halloween in Webkinz World!

  1. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Ah, sweet!! These prizes are really awesome. I seriously love that organ, as well as all of those costume pieces! I hope I’ll be able to get the ladybug, black ninja, and skeleton pieces. ^-^ Thanks so much as well for taking away the Kinz cash from the Super Wheel! I’m glad you guys understand. We all really appreciate it! Thanks for the free code and awesome sneak peaks, Micheal and Mandy!

  2. Kitterzy says:

    Called it. Knew the window would be the same! XD

  3. Scorpio says:

    Thanks again Mandy and Michael, I love all that Webkinz does at halloween time, it is a big fun party and this year we have so much to participate in!! LOVE IT

  4. Alphaowlbear says:

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I just have to tell Mandy that she cracks me up in the above picture. She looks adorable in that baby costume and looks footloose and fancy free! :-)

  5. 1954tiny0112 says:

    IS there any way you could bring back the Freaky Forest Wall Paper. !!!

  6. hotpets says:

    I’m missing Black Licorice Cats, Caramel Bats, Gummy Paw, Magic W Lolly, Orange Marshmallow Jack O Lanterns, PB&J Chocowich, Scary Scaly Chips, Slimesicle, Spider Web Gum, Sweet Spectre, taffy Toads, Tombstone Brownie, Tooth Glue Toffee, Wacky Gum Drops, vampire pop. if you have any I’m looking to fin my collection plz send to hotpets
    and the pirate boats were a challenge for adventure park

  7. gmatiny says:

    CALENDER UPDATE – PLEASE add the dates for GOBLIN Floaty cookies and other Goblin activities . That way we can be ready ;) !!

    • WebkinzFanCEG says:

      The green goblin clubhouse room and floaty-clicky will be from October 13th to 18th, the orange goblin clubhouse room and floaty will be from October 19th to 24th, and the purple goblin clubhouse room and floaty will be from October 25th to 29th. I’m sure they will be posting more about these events on Webkinz Newz in a few days.

  8. 73kibarry says:

    I didn’t get the wallpaper I got trading cards

  9. kittymade10 says:

    Another great podcast!

  10. wolly2207 says:

    Very cool!

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