Podkinz Ep 109: Moving Rooms!

In this episode of Podkinz, Michael and Mandy sneak peek a brand new House Map feature in Webkinz World: The ability to move your rooms! Get ready, because you’ll be able to move the rooms on your Webkinz account starting November 21st… And oh yeah, they give away a free code too!



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147 Responses to Podkinz Ep 109: Moving Rooms!

  1. danielleigh611 says:

    yesss this is amazing!!!

  2. Bijtp says:

    My room moving is still glitched… can’t move any rooms and it’s giving me error. And some rooms are sitting all by themselves, can’t move them. GANZ what is going on?

  3. radish35 says:

    I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN MOVING ROOMS! Thank you so much!

  4. Dawn728 says:

    I’m just as thrilled as everyone else, but I feel for the staff members who create that ‘behind the scenes’ magic. That must be a whole lot of work as well as creativity! Thank you to those un-sung heroes of computer game design! You rock! :)

  5. salemwitch08 says:

    I have been waiting for this feature forever…I have hundreds of rooms in the wrong places because i tried to start little communities but the always ended up running into each other. I will be busy foe months trying to organize my rooms but will no longer be frustrated by the confusion i had created! Sooo happy!!!

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