Podkinz Ep 127: Grand Grotto & BFF Face-Off Game!


In this episode of Podkinz, Sally & Steve join Mandy & Michael in studio to play another round of the BFF Face-Off game. At the end of the episode, the Webkinz creative team gives away a code for a Haunted Hotel Lobby Desk!



Miss the last episode of Podkinz? CLICK HERE to watch to it now!



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43 Responses to Podkinz Ep 127: Grand Grotto & BFF Face-Off Game!

  1. Isha84 says:

    And how do I earn more Ganz world Money?

  2. Isha84 says:

    Where do I go to redeem the code? I have no idea :(

  3. mrgower says:

    My favorite job to do in Webkinz World is the Kinzpost Sorter! Next is probably Kinzville Mover or the Shoe Store Clerk. Do you guys think there will ever be new jobs to try? Thanks! Love the Podkinz

  4. noavk says:

    code not working

  5. Ellen1970 says:


  6. ImaPepper says:

    Fun Podkinz! You guys are all so much fun to listen to. My favorite job in the Employment Office is the Kinzville Mover job. Thank you for the code, can’t wait to update my rooms for Halloween!

  7. Nate4555 says:

    I would pronounce Cogitaticake as “Collegiate cake” since it looks like a graduation cap. My favorite job is definitely Kinzpost sorter.

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