Podkinz Ep 131: Quilted Floor Tile Event & Super Wheel Reveal!


In this episode, Mandy and Michael check their KinzPost, sneak peek some upcoming events and give away a code for a Gingerbread House Building Kit. SPOILER ALERT: You’ll also find out what’s inside this year’s Christmas Day gift box and what you can win on the Super Wheel!



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Send Mandy and Michael your questions and ideas for the show! You can email your ideas to podkinz@ganz.com. Who knows, you may hear Mandy & Michael read your email on their next Podkinz episode… and if they do, they’ll email you a code for a special gift!


46 Responses to Podkinz Ep 131: Quilted Floor Tile Event & Super Wheel Reveal!

  1. AL96 says:

    Hi Michael and Mandy I had my email read on this podkinz and I still have not received an email yet. -shadowhunter2015

  2. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Oh my gravy, next year’s deluxe theme is phenomenal! :D It’s my favorite one so far, in fact! ^-^ Incredible job, design theme! I am so excited to get those pieces =]

  3. landoftheweirdos says:

    I feel like I bought a ginger bread cabin kit in the wshop recently. Is this a different version?

  4. starlessky says:

    I wish older webkinz like the soda puppies, cheeky cat, poodle, hippo, grey arabian in the wshop. P

  5. acia65 says:

    How long is the flamingo monthly deluxe boxes going to be out? I am not really fond of this collection. I have been a deluxe member for years and would really like more items that are more traditional. I would like more traditional fireplaces, couches and chairs and wallpaper. I have also been waiting for a way to delete rooms and get money back for them.

  6. dianadoodlebug says:

    If anyone has any extra gingerbread house kits, I’d love to take one of your hands! I’ll return the favor! my username is dianadoodlebug on webkinz too <3

    • lefty says:

      I can send one if you friend me. Username: iamboxed

    • alucard says:

      dianadoodlebug, I don’t think you can mail the building kits without building the item, or house first. I know you can’t mail the kits you can buy in the WShop, but I’m really not sure about the ones like this gingerbread kit. Good luck in finding one! :-)

  7. trooperbat says:

    The deluxe item for next year is absolutely beautiful I love it!

  8. tinygma says:

    MEMBERSHIP purchased this year give this YEARS DELUXE ITEM !

    • kaye10 says:

      sorry but of course it does, if begun right away … is not a new year yet … but hope that by purchasing a new membership and waiting to enter it that I will get new gift, not old one. [will let you know!!] very best to you and good luck, k.

      • tinygma says:

        Wonderful kaye10 You must have done this before . But getting the Wall paper with code is a LIMITED TIME so for new people its scarry UNDOING the AUTO Membership. They have a month to look see and ask EStore so they feel better . YOU PLEASE HAVE A SAFE and MERRY CHRISTMAS and New YEAR !!

  9. tinygma says:

    New Deluxe item is for purchases in JANUARY. GO to the ESTORE and look now so your comfortable . TOP LEFT there are 2 buttons 1 is an UPGRADE . IF you aren’t close to time to start a NEW MEMBERSHIP this won’t work you’ll get frustrated. CLICK BUTTON just below it for a MEMBERSHIP CODE (DON’T LOSE IT) write it down after you buy it . YOU can use it anytime close to renewal but on any account not just your main account. I UNDID my AUTO RENEWAL . WEBKINZ has been so far VERY KIND in renewing and giving a gift if missed for a renewal date. SO I haven’t lost out yet When I say what my problem is to EStore Customer service they have been very helpful. I supposed calling and asking 1 on 1 your self will make you feel more at ease . I also keep track of my pets renewal due date in Webkinz. But I have noticed 1 membership must be over to start the next. So a date of June 2d end membership . You would have to add new on June 3rd. . If more then 1 account this can get hectic but EStore works with you so its cool . DELUXE BOX you must be member the full month . When you renew in the middle of a month its different. Just call EStore after you renew they will make sure you get your DELUXE BOX just like when they get LOST . It happens but they can be replaced. OH I WISH YOU ALL WELL!!

    • Unicornluv246 says:

      I do not understand this. I went to estore and I did not see the top two buttons that say upgrade.

      • tinygma says:

        Click on to buy a membership. Then a banner will come own with the 2 buttone at the left (sorry) I got 2 deluxe codes myself yesterday. 1 will upgrade you dont want that so click the button below it and the banner with options will change. YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY NOW but it might make you feel more comfortable looking for now. JUST WHEN you do buy DO NOT LOSE THE CODE . I keep any Deluxe member coded right under my puter ;) . Remember even with useing the code it won’t let you use it till OLD membership runs out fully. After you see this banner . Later give yourself time to talk to EStore people . Problems happen an if its on a weekend I get on Face book there is usually SOMEONE on Ganz Estore site WATCHING. Messengering them when sites down and depending whats going on they try real hard to get things running. I have actually wrote them at 3am when there was a problem . Just so when they get in RIGHT AWAY they know what needs attention. In my case I have been told I havent made a purchase in a very long time so I was froze. Yea not cool . Since I had over 100,000 pionts and bought the day before. So they have been pretty good over the years. . But back to the buttons go to DELUXE MEMBERSHIPS . THEN CLICK to buy one. Look to the left on banner tat appears (1) will be UPGRADE. Below it will be (2) CODE that can be used as a gift or any time !! SO CLICK THERE !! the screen will change :)

  10. LovesStaffordshires says:

    I would love to get the Quilted Robin & its theme. I love the Home for the Holidays theme, too. The deluxe gift is beautiful & I love the wallpaper & flooring. Will there be a nightcap to go with the robe & slippers next year? I love the Winterfest items & hope to get a few of them. I wish that I could complete the Cozy Condo theme. The items that I have are the armchair, sink, fireplace, bookshelf & bed. The new theme is lovely. I hope that I get the ski lift sofa on the super wheel. Pittiesrule

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