Podkinz Ep. 135: Webkinz Fashion Week!


In this episode, Michael and Mandy show off the new Fashion Week clothing that was designed by the Webkinz Newz community. Mandy also visits Michael’s studio where they explain how Fashion Week works. Stay tuned, because at the end of the episode, they give away a code for a painted glass table:



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Send Mandy and Michael your questions and ideas for the show! You can email your ideas to podkinz@ganz.com. Who knows, you may hear Mandy & Michael read your email on their next Podkinz episode… and if they do, they’ll email you a code for a special gift!


What piece of clothing are you looking forward to making the most during Fashion Week in Webkinz World? Let us know in the comments section below…


39 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 135: Webkinz Fashion Week!

  1. DestDest says:

    If anyone happens to have a extra store front I could really use it! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE thanks, also if your looking for a new friend feel free to add me im on daily, DestDest

  2. GramaandPrincess4 says:

    Thank you for the painted glass table and another great and informative Podkinz episode. It is so nice of you to give us prizes after your Podkinz episodes. Webkinz is the best and thoroughly enjoy being a member.

  3. Bubblilious1 says:

    I loved the podcast especially seeing the Fashion Week clothing designed by our very own players. We definitely have some great designers and I will enjoy collecting the pieces.

  4. ifa1 says:

    You can’t think of anything new as the gift !!

  5. zengirl says:

    Can’t wait for these new clothes. Fabulous Fashions for Fashion Week.

  6. lemony says:

    Suggestion …how about webkinz pop figure? Code=a statue of that pet also would love to see new build kits. Smurf village has things called wonders that give you rewards once a week. Would love to see build kits for the hosts and once built you get a statue of that host for your room.

  7. acoolaunt says:

    Great episode! What an amazing and special thing to do, to use members creations in ww. They all turned out perfect. Can’t wait to make them, especially the undersea dress. That one is so interestingly cool! Well done designers!

  8. lemony says:

    another great podkinz..LOVE how you are incorporating so many webkinz players designs into webkinz items. I great idea and can’t wait to see what else shows up in WW land

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