Podkinz Ep. 14: Room Decorating



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we chat about room decorating and its importance to Webkinz (and how fun it is) and talk to a Ganz room decorating expert, whose voice you may recognize!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: We read letters from players who love to decorate and share their design secrets!


Meet a Ganz-er: Say hello to Michael Webkinz (who is, in fact, NOT Mike Webkinz ;), Webkinz Creative Lead and a very good room decorator himself!


What’s Next: It’s finally here! It’s…SUMMERTIME! Our next episode dives into summer and everything to do with it. What are your plans for the sunniest season of all? What are you most looking forward to playing this summer in Webkinz World? Have a listen and be sure to let us know!


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Check out Br0cktree’s Blue and Pink rooms mentioned in the episode! Well done!






55 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 14: Room Decorating

  1. 02hiphop says:

    Hey.. im looking for deluxe and rare items! my name is 02hiphop! I will send you something in return!!

  2. c2211 says:

    I love the blue room great idea

  3. mypuppydalmation says:

    Hey i got a Signature Small German Shepherd name lollipop she a creative lead too and we do Lets Build Videos and actually Michael was actually watching this But i don,t know how to get them on Youtube Do you have any idea how to get them on youtube Michael because i don,t know how to get them on youtube. Sorry for the long post guys

  4. Bows22 says:

    For Summer, I enjoy having time off to play Webkinz! I like to have family time and to hang out with my friends. I just graduated grade 8 so my friends and I will be hanging out more often! I find Summer to be my favourite season because we get to open the pool and swim! My Webkinz love Summer too- I dress them up in the Summer clothing line, they invite their friends over to swim and so much more!- Im most excited for the Marshmallow Collection event so I can add on to my newly made Campkinz! Gennelle and Mike have an awesome Summer!

  5. fairy16flower says:

    I love summer because I finally get a chance to play alot on webkinz! I can get so much more accomplished in Webkinz, especially my garden. I have one outdoor room I use to just fill up with growing garden plants, it’ll take long to tend to them but in the end it’ll all be worth it, I’ll have plenty of food for my pets, and I’ll be able to sell some for more KinzCash! P.S. I love Podkinz, I’ve watched each episode!

  6. Galaya says:


  7. puppiesrawesome0126 says:

    Anyone herd of the yogscast if u do reply and say I Genelle and Mike sound like one of them!

  8. jean3bear says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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