Guinea Pig Retires!

ATTENTION ALL COLLECTORS: The Guinea Pig plush is sold out from our warehouse and no more will EVER be made! That means this adorable pet and its adoption gifts have become collector’s items! All Guinea Pig owners are invited to visit Today’s Activities THIS weekend to count sailboats on Saturday (July 5th) and pick up a FREE Rainbow Beach Lounger on Sunday (July 6th).


49 Responses to Guinea Pig Retires!

  1. WhatsMyname says:

    Dear Ganz, are you going to give the guinea pig owners another day to play the count the sailboats game which didn’t work for anyone on the weekend?

  2. Abigail14637 says:

    My friend has the same problem i did. She can’t play count the sail boats. it just sits there and says loading and nothing happens. Can this be fixed? Please Help her.

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