Podkinz Ep 148: Halloween Special!


In this episode, Mandy and Michael discuss Halloween in Webkinz World and give away a code for a Haunted Castle Wallpaper. Spoiler Alert: Halloween prizes are revealed during this episode, including this year’s treat bag gifts!


Congratulations DayTripper, kri402, yummyfries, calabelle and masmirf! You have been randomly selected as Spooky Speedster winners! Please check your inbox for an email that will explain how to get your speedster!



If you would like the chance to win the Spooky Speedster, please leave a comment below. Players who leave a comment before midnight, Sunday, October 11, will be eligible to win.


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307 Responses to Podkinz Ep 148: Halloween Special!

  1. gcman79 says:

    Hi this is unikitty11. I was wondering does anyone here know how to enter webkinz pet drawing contests because I would love to enter my drawings into the contest I drew a Pegasus Panda and a Unicorn cat they look super cute I think I may have a chance to win the contest if anyone here knows how to enter the contest that would be really great (:

  2. gcman79 says:

    This is unikitty11. I love podkinz thank you so much for the show I’m exited for the events happening in webkinz world (:

  3. gcman79 says:

    Hi this is unikitty11 I just wanted to say thanks Mandy and Michael for putting my letter in podkinz I was so happy to see my letter in the show (:

  4. Deanna1 says:

    Wow! this was my first podkinz, but it will not be the last. Thank you for all the great info! and I can hardly wait to use the free code! thanks!

  5. frozenanna2 says:

    Oh man. I wanted that. Congrats guys!

  6. DayTripper says:

    THANKS for the Spooky Speedster!!! I’m so happy that my name was randomly picked.

  7. Morningdew12 says:

    I wasn’t sure where to put this but I was just wondering if there would be any cool new GanzWorld Rewards that would be added any time soon.

  8. gingergenie2 says:

    At first I thought Michael was wearing a mask that would be in our Halloween gift bag so we could have a dog burglar to go with the cat burglar. Funny, right? How could I forget Michael is a german shepherd and has a black muzzle?

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