Podkinz Ep. 18: Let’s Build…Webkinz!





Hosted by Gennelle Webkinz, this podcast is about all things Webkinz! Each episode has a theme and we chat about everything – favorite pets, awesome items, current and upcoming Webkinz events, and more! For fans who want an inside look at Webkinz World, we also feature interviews with Ganz staffers and put a spotlight on different areas in Webkinz.


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Eric AW joins Gennelle as a special co-host and we talk about what it takes to build something — anything — from an idea to reality! 


What’s In Our KinzPost?: Wow, we’ve got some talented listeners who’ve got great stories for us about building things from scratch!


Meet a Ganz-er: We talk to Otto, Lead Web Developer here at Ganz, about what a game developer does and how they help to build Webkinz every day.


What’s Next: Our upcoming episode is all about …. da da daaaaaaa … SCHOOL?! Yes, we’re chatting about all the fun stuff coming to Webkinz for back-to-school!


Here’s Blair Webkinz’s sweet backyard pool project that we talked about in the episode!





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90 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 18: Let’s Build…Webkinz!

  1. Kamots55 says:

    I don’t really like school all that much, but learning new things can be fun. I love the Kinzville Academy! I do it every day!

  2. 61323163 says:

    I’m pretty sure that this episode of Podkinz isn’t available on iTunes yet, because first I searched it up on iTunes (on my phone) and brought up the page with all the episodes that you can download, and episode 18 wasn’t on yet. Then, I clicked the iTunes link above in this article, and episode 18 wasn’t there. I’m half hoping, half expecting it to come out soon! :)

  3. prprprprp says:

    I am probably most looking forward to my new grade and NEW BOOKS!!! I love reading books, especially Action and Adventure, and Mystery and Chaste Romance, and W TALES!! I love reading books!!!

    • AllStarAthlete says:

      I love books too! Sounds like your school has you read interesting books :) Mine are always boring! Lol *Messi*

      • playnowpuppy says:

        I love books I read all the time!

      • prprprprp says:

        AllStarAthlete, I’m homeschooled! I read any book I want, besides the ones my parents give me to read FOR school. Don’t you ever read your own books, beside the school ones? But then, I am the fastest reader in my family, so maybe it would be easier for me! LOL! I finished a Nancy Drew book in 45 min. an American Girl book in 30 min. and Jules Verne books in about 2 hours, besides Imagination Station books, which I finish in about 20 minutes! But anyway, lots of other people are fast readers too, are you? And if so, you should try to read some of your own, interesting books more often! :) I recommend Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keen (i think, unsure of the author) American Girl books, books by Jules Verne, Black Beauty, and, the Chronicles of Narnia. Happy reading! :D

        • playnowpuppy says:

          Woah prprprprp I’m homeshcooled too! So cool ;) I read a ton of books that u do actually all of those books u suggested I love Nancy Drew! I’m a pretty fast reader too altho I tend to take my time with books :) Also I loved the Chronicles of Narnia! Also some suggestions to read are “Horse Diaries” kinda like Black Beauty basiclly it tells a time in History and there is a horse that tells a story of what it was like and they have like a ton of books in that series! Also “The Boxcar Children” is a good series u would have to read the first 2 book in the series to understand the rest of series :) but anyway it’s about these children who solve mysterys! Also have you read the Romona and Beezus series? It’s just a fun series that is just really funny :) Plus not to mention the classics such as Annie of Green Gables, The secret Garden, ect. ect. I love classics and I mean the full ones when I was 7 years old I read Alice In wonderland the origanall story not made easy! just fun books to read prprprprp :) :) :)

        • wofiedo2 says:

          I love reading too! I read some american girl books, what is your favorite? I like the Kit Series and I also love McKenna. I have also read Harry Potter (all 7), Percy Jackson (both series), and The Familiars. The Familiars is really good, and the authors wrote another series, Starbounder. These are all really good books, and I love all of them. BTW, when did #OneWebkinzWorld end? I was wondering what it was about, and what you have to do. Thanks! -wofiedo2

  4. prprprprp says:

    Aw….they never feature my response!!!!!!!! :(

  5. 61323163 says:

    I’ll be sure to download and listen to this episode of Podkinz, and then I’ll post my feedback here!

  6. redgreen says:

    Somebody please send 2 Toadstool Floorings to redgreenandblue and the stove would be great too Thanks

  7. CheekyCat says:

    jellydonut. . . That’s my friend Pinky! :D

  8. Melody_Dixon says:

    Dear Gennelle,I am excited to be with my new teacher. She seems so cool! And I am excited for my webkinz to get re-joined with Mrs. Cowoline. Only one of my webkinz go to summer school,to keep her company. I hope to see you in webkinz world!

  9. Mascoutah says:

    Hi Podkinz. I am excited for my next school year. Other than boring classes and Health. I’m also excited to see my friends. I saw some of them from time to time at the pool. I’m going into 7th grade, which means no more Reading Counts (which I don’t like to do.) I’m also excited for the Super School Giveaway. I have school most of the Giveaway days but I will give myself time everyday. Do you know what prizes from the school theme are retiring? If so, please tell me. Hope you have a great day! ;)

  10. jkj1004 says:

    The Podkinz Video won’t work for me! :(

    • MidnightFireflies15 says:

      im excited for the school year in general, getting to see my friends again. I am taking intro to art for my elective which will be fun because i love being creative. Spanish 3….i am not looking forward too it haha Also i finished my gym credits and no more gym for me! :)

      • playnowpuppy says:

        Dear Podkinz, I’m really excited about school because there are so many new things I plan to do this year! Me and my friend are planning to enter some sports at school this year and we’re really excited! Speaking of Sports what are some of your favorite sports?

        • AllStarAthlete says:

          I am totally excited cause I am gonna be a freshman!! High school here I come :) I am excited to take Spanish and biology, I love foreign languages and learning about plants and animals. I am excited to make friends with our new students! Last, I am excited for band because last year band was a big deal for me with first chair clarinet and solo ensembles and my solo. I can’t wait for more events this school year! _AllStarAthlete_

          • MidnightFireflies15 says:

            hi all star athlete! highschool can seem a little scary at first but it is super fun. im going into 11th which is so crazy and hard to believe! biology is very fun and i like spanish as well. i hope you have fun in band :)

          • playnowpuppy says:

            A Freshmen? I’m guessing you’re like “woah I’m a freshman already!” One of my older brothers is a freshmen this year like u and he’s pretty excited too!

          • ilovewebkinz708 says:

            BTW At the KinzVille Academy I’m a sophomore, not a Freshmen. Anyone who reads this add me on Webkinz. My Username is ilovewebkinz708

          • playnowpuppy says:

            ok I will add u ilovewebkinz708 my username is playnowpuppy :)

          • AllStarAthlete says:

            I forgot! I am also excited to start competing in half marathons and biatholons! :D _ASA_

          • playnowpuppy says:

            Sounds like fun AllStarAthlete I can tell from your username your into sports :)

          • jellydonut says:

            Have fun with band! Will you do marching formations at all? All this week our band has been practicing all day for parades and football games. Do you take honors classes? I’m a Junior in HS, taking all AP and doubling up on math… such hard work, not looking forward to it at all.

        • webkinzforever3520 says:

          Sorry Gennelle, but my mom does not let me subscribe or comment on YouTube. but i can still comment on here! Dear webkinz i wish i could subscribe.

    • playnowpuppy says:

      I’m sorry it isn’t working for u :(

    • Pokekinz says:

      Me neither. :’(

    • ilovewebkinz708 says:

      The video doesnt work 4 me, either

    • jkj1004 says:

      YAY! I got it working!

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