Podkinz Ep. 27: Mayor of Kinzville Election Guide!



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…it’s YOUR guide to the Mayor of Kinzville election. Who will you vote for? Your hosts discuss every angle! 


We’re all about the election in this episode, talking candidates, platforms, voting and more. Plus, we get your reactions to the event!


What’s Next: Did someone say “I love plush!”? So do we! We’re talking about the plush design process with the help of a special guest who’s been with Webkinz since the beginning. Share your favorite plush stories with us!


BONUS: Anna’s cool Webkinz Highway is perfect for Election Days!




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113 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 27: Mayor of Kinzville Election Guide!

  1. treebabe says:

    Miss Cowoline or Tabby Von Meow. They have alot in common. They both have lived here for a long time and know what there doing. We need to get Cowabelle out she is too young, plus her mother is also running so Cowabelle can get ideas from her which is cheating. I love to play on Webkinz so I think we need the best mayor.

  2. googles11 says:

    dear podkinz, my favorite webkinz plush is the key lime dino. His name is steven i play with him a ton but he got a pice of tape on his mouth and the string on his mouth came lose when I took it off. but I could not figure out how to fix it do you have any advice?

  3. abby6204 says:

    oh i mean we could barely wait not W could barley wait. sorry typo:/

  4. abby6204 says:

    Dear Podkinz, my best plush story is when I was searching ebay, and found a potm(pet of the month) Holstein Cow. It was July. My five year old brother wanted one too, but he did not have an account. I ordered one for me and one for him. they said they were going to come in in about a week! W could barley wait. We checked the mail every day. my mom kept telling us it would not come early. Then, a day before it was planned to come in, I had swim class. When we came home my mom picked up the mail. There was a package. It’s not unusual to have a package at our house. My dad orders things all the time. But this one was soft. I knew what it was. It was the COWS! So I wanted to remember this experience. I grabbed my ipod touch to record it. They were so soft. Mine is named Daisy and my brother’s is Moo Moo. I helped him set up an account n everything. that was one of my favorite experiences. Another is when I got my first webkinz When I was 5,(five years ago) but that’s a different story:)

  5. playnowpuppy says:

    Dear Podkinz, I love Webkinz and everything about it! For as long as I can remember I’ve been collecting webkinz :) right now I have about a hundred or more webkinz :) one of the webkinz that is special to me, is my Chimpanzee webkinz :) I got him as a surprise present when I was going to Summer camp 4 years ago :) My Dad set him in the back seat and I saw him when I jumped in :) When I got to the Summer Camp, me and all the girls in my cabin played with him all night :) I’m 11 now but I started my Webkinz account when I was only about 3 and a half! It was my big brothers who told me about webkinz and I’m glad he did :)

  6. laffytaffy says:

    Join the adventure VOTE COWBELLE !

  7. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Also, here are my thoughts on the mayor election. Right now, I’m really hoping either Tabby or Cowabelle wins. I love Cowabelle’s platform on letting us put more items in rooms and opening up underwater and treetop rooms for everyone (I already own both of these rooms, since I have a bird and fish, but I’d love it if everyone could have them!) I am a little sad about the spree roll thing, but I don’t play it everyday, even when I’m on Webkinz most of the time. As for Tabby, I love how she’s going to reduce the wait time, since it overall means more kinzcash if you play on it more than once a day. Although, it’s not easy for everyone with 20% less per each job. If Cowabelle or Tabby don’t win, I would really like Sheldon or Ms. Cowoline to win. Ms. Cowoline has a great idea for more recess, although with no super school days (which I would miss, but at least it’s not the worst thing ever) and Sheldon won’t change anything, which is kind of neat, too. He may come off as lazy, but I think leaving things alone isn’t that bad. Personally, I may vote for Tabby once on both of my accounts, Cowabelle once on both of my accounts, and on the last day, Sheldon on one and Ms. Cowoline on the other. It’s my plan so far since I’m having a trouble time deciding one, but I may change based on what happens. As for Daisy, I’m not voting for her. I like how she’s encouraging healthy choices, but what I don’t like is how she’s taking away our choices and replacing the only ice cream stand with a healthy snack stand. Even worse, we won’t be able to make many recipes without junk foods, which is sad since I and many others love to make recipes. Also, she keeps changing her attitude a LOT, so it gives me the idea she’s doing it for votes. And, she doesn’t know Kinzville much if she’s been here only 3 or 4 months. I’m glad she’s a little nicer, but she is not getting my vote! As for Dex, I’m not voting for him mainly because of the room theme thing. So, those are my thoughts. ;)

  8. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Great Podkinz episode! My favorite plush memory was one I got my first 3 Webkinz. When I was 6, I went to a store one day and saw some really neat little stuffed animals. I ended up buying the lil’ kinz yorkie, the lil’ kinz pug, and the lil’ kinz gray and white cat. Later when I got home, I made my own Webkinz account and adopted the yorkie, which was named Summer. Later I adopted the cat naming her Crystal and after I adopted another lil’ cat I got a few days later, I adopted the pug which is named Michael. And now, 7 years later, I have so many Webkinz, I can’t even count them all. I have about 120 on my first account, and about 72 on my second account. My second favorite Webkinz memory is when I got my lil’kinz white terrier, which was my 8 or 9th pet. About a month later, when I got my real pet dog, I named her after my white terrier Webkinz. So, those are my favorite memories of many Webkinz memories I have made throughout the years! ;)

  9. vetteeee says:

    #Jointheadventure Vote for Cowabelle

  10. playnowpuppy says:

    Dear Podkinz, My first Webkinz was Alex, my webkinz Cockor Spaniel :) I was so excited when I got him because I couldn’t wait to start my Webkinz account! I take him on every trip with me! When I got him I was only about 3 and a half! and now I’m a 11 years old and I’m still an ultament webkinz fan 4ever! I think that Webkinz is a game that no matter what your age u can still enjoy it! I’ve been collecting webkinz for a long time and now I almost have a hundred webkinz!!! My question about plushies is, what is your favorite plushie and when u make a new webkinz, how many do u make to sell?

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