Podkinz Ep. 27: Mayor of Kinzville Election Guide!



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…it’s YOUR guide to the Mayor of Kinzville election. Who will you vote for? Your hosts discuss every angle! 


We’re all about the election in this episode, talking candidates, platforms, voting and more. Plus, we get your reactions to the event!


What’s Next: Did someone say “I love plush!”? So do we! We’re talking about the plush design process with the help of a special guest who’s been with Webkinz since the beginning. Share your favorite plush stories with us!


BONUS: Anna’s cool Webkinz Highway is perfect for Election Days!




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113 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 27: Mayor of Kinzville Election Guide!

  1. bubble246 says:

    im so with cowabelle im a kid too im with her

  2. googles11 says:

    my favorite plush memory was when I got my favorite plush webkinz the key lime dino my mom got it for me and I named it steven and I have 74 plush webkinz!

  3. googles11 says:

    sorry typo when ganz first formed.

  4. googles11 says:

    hi podkinz, I wanted to know when ganz first form?

  5. pinkninja says:

    dear podkinz, I am voting for dex dangerous because of two reasons, one, my hymilian cat, Isabellea, is a huge fan of dex dangerous, two, he could help protect us from harm if someone like nafaria was trying to take over webkinz world. i may be a little late on this, but i think i should vote for him. reply soon, from pinkninja

  6. Nova417 says:

    Well, originally I was planning on voting for Cowaline. However, I’ve been thinking more and more lately, and now I’m debating about Sheldon’s appeal as well. I think to a degree, WW is just fine the way it is. Nothing is too horribly long to wait for, prices and currency are fairly decent, and some of the changes the other running members have great ideas, but I feel the “negatives” to their campaigns aren’t always worth it. I like Cowaline’s ideas, simply because I do enjoy the academy, and I don’t mind having the Super School Days cut or gone, simply because I feel it isn’t as great as a negative as other things she could have done instead. Otherwise, I do like Sheldon a lot, simply because he also feels WW either needs very little change, or even none at all. c: Besides, I’ve been an avid Webkinz member since 2005 and I do still love everything about the site!

  7. daisyloveable says:

    You should take the suggestions of the kids who gave them. Esspically huggybuggy and Anna

  8. pink100j says:

    Hi, um, I was wondering why nobody has been replying to my comments anymore…. Used to, a lot of people would reply… Was it something wrong that I did? Can somebody please reply….?

  9. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Hi Gennelle! My favorite memory with one of my Webkinz plush is when I got my first webkinz! I was 6 years old and one of my mom’s friends got me a Black Friesian for Christmas! I have about 15 plush webkinz, maybe a few more.

  10. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Hey Gennelle! I was wondering if there are any plans to make a buff laced polish chicken plush? That might seem kinda weird to ask but I used to have a buff laced polish rooster named Maxwell! It would be awesome if you could make one! ~*JaneOfAllTrades*~

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