Podkinz Ep. 28: The World of Plush




Hosted by Gennelle Webkinz, this podcast is about all things Webkinz! Each episode has a theme and we chat about everything – favorite pets, awesome items, current and upcoming Webkinz events, and more! For fans who want an inside look at Webkinz World, we also feature interviews with Ganz staffers and put a spotlight on different areas in Webkinz.   Most importantly, though, Podkinz is all about YOU. Tell us what you’d like us to talk about in the podcast! There are so many ways to get in touch with us to send us your comments, suggestions and questions:


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…we explore the world of plush design with Erica, our Head of Plush Design! Plus, we share your plush stories.  


What’s In Our KinzPost?: We read your favorite plush memories and answer a few questions!


Spotlight: We look into the history of Ganz plush and Webkinz pets!  


Meet a Ganz-er: Erica’s been a part of plush design since the very beginning of Webkinz! 


What’s Next: We’re exploring the world of PSIs and PSFs! Which adoption gift is your favorite?


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78 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 28: The World of Plush

  1. 20Rainbow07 says:

    i know this probably won’t be read but its really important to me. Why don’t you guys do treasure hunt on webkinz newz? i really enjoyed it and would like to know why it isnt there anymore or if its coming back. Thanks!

  2. 20Rainbow07 says:

    Hi guys! i love it when PSIs and PSFs are very extravagant. Like a bed, couch or maybe even some sort of ride! I also love it when they are very true to what the pet is and follows the theme of the pet, which you guys do really well! I love seeing all the PSIs, even for webkinz i probably can’t get! PSIs are actually one of my favorite things about virtual webkinz! Bye!

  3. ilovemlp22 says:

    Hi Gennelle and Mike! I’ve been playing for three years now and my favorite webkinz PSI and PSF are the bamboo fondue and secluded spa that you get when you purchase the red panda! Not only do I like them my red panda Clover loves them too! Oh and Podkinz rocks!

  4. aleberle says:

    My favorite PSI is the Camel’s. :)

  5. SignatureIsland says:

    Dear Podkinz, my favorite PSI would have to be the Webkinz Signature Timber Wolf’s. I do not have this pet, put my favorite PSI that I do have is the Webkinz Signature Bengal Cat’s psi bed, the Cozy Canopy Bed. My favorite pet food is Webkinz Signature Bengal Tiger’s pet food the Roasted Rib Royale. I do not have this pet yet, but I’m getting it for Christmas. See ya later Podkinz!

  6. abby6204 says:

    YESTERDAY-(abby6204 checks webkinz newz) “oh new podkinz! I doubt they will read my comment” (abby6204 listens on) Podkinz- “lets check our kinzpost!” (abby6204 listens on) Podkinz- “abby6204 says…….” abby6204-”AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (abby6204 jumps around) ok thanks podkinz for reading my comment. It made me rrrreeeaaalllyyy happy!!!!!!!!!:D

  7. dexterross says:

    i would really love u guys to make a shichon plush pet (thats a mix dog breed between a bichon frise and shih tzu thats the breed my dog is, I also would love to see a tie dye dolphin plush pet came out to match my tie dye puppy(witch is my favorite webkinz)

  8. agentspygirl says:

    Great!!! love Wacky

  9. unicorn2910 says:

    I have about 30 webkinz plush right now.

  10. cathouse2 says:

    My comment was read!!! :) Thanks for another great episode Ganz!

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