Podkinz Ep. 40: What’s in a Name?


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…Gennelle and Matt chat about pet names with special guest Michelle from the eStore!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: Your pet names are so creative! We read your favorites.


Spotlight on…Pet Names: We talk about what goes into coming up with a GREAT pet name.


What’s Next: We’re talking… EXPLORATION! Who are your favorite explorers of all time? Where do you like to explore? Share your stories with us at podkinz@ganz.com!


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122 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 40: What’s in a Name?

  1. Kinzvision_TV says:

    I enjoy looking up names of Greek Origin! Such as my Brown Lab is “Lupus” which is Greek for dog. My Husky is named Quartz because the actual rock has a greek origin of “Ice”!

  2. webkinzrose says:

    My Fiesta donkey name is happy happy happy

  3. gamepup says:

    My Black lab’s name is Lucy! (It’s a girl). Iv’e NEVER had a Deluxe membership, but I’m been for years now doing wonderful. And Lucy looks like she’d win a beauty contest with 1st or 2nd place. Also I am like SUPER RICH!!!!!!! And if one of you people would like to be my friend on webkinz world, my username is sgr6363 Hope you want to be friends with a rich pretty person who also has rare and exclusive items. Want to be my friend?

  4. debenett123 says:

    i have 40some pets eith vary unique names my firsti named gentry and virtigo tremmer jockson(from hurules)my rabbit is haseffener after the dish and so on

  5. wofiedo2 says:

    I really don’t know any REAL explorers, but me and my BFF love to explore trails and creeks when we go camping, or even just use our imaginations and let them take us somewhere exotic in our backgarden.

  6. treebabe says:

    I cant believe I was only 3 when Webkinz started! I didn’t even know about Webkinz till about 2009 (I know that seems like a long time ago LOL).

  7. treebabe says:

    I have a husky named, you guessed it – Husky, a blue hairy hippo named – Hippi Harry, a treefrog named – Tiana (Even though I don’t like the movie Princess and the frog!), and a wooly sheep named – Noel (I got her at Christmas).

  8. drtolli says:

    As to my own pets, I look for the unusual and the appealing. I have a buffalo named Olaf.. get it the last letters of the word buffalo are Olaf…. I ahve a catepillar named Pido which is part of the scientific name of the catepillar, I also have a hummingbird named Pago which is part of the science name of the things they like to eat. I have a mystery pet I won with the card I named silloutte because until you adopted it you never saw anything but the silloutte. I also name d some of my twin pets after old TV and Radio show characters, Gracie and Allen, Laurel and Hardy, and I have a few that are words that go together, like song and dance. My fav are my Diva’s though. they all have sewing material names, lacey, ribbons, chenelle, satin etc.. I like the unusal and the different. So my numberone pet is original. Annabelle.. The Top DIva

  9. drtolli says:

    Joque Cousteau is one of my top explorers. All those sea creatures we were privileged to see. I also love the story of Balboa discovering the pacific ocean for the first time. Can you imagine the view he saw of the ocean. or Magellen discovering the route to South America. And of course lewis and Clark mapping the missosuri river form its beginnings. Oh the adventures they must of had

  10. loveheartmommy22 says:

    hi Gennelle webkinz i think you should name a pet after me cuz we r friends right and i got a pet from my friend and i named it after her and she named hers after me it was cool! we gave eachother a webkinz for christmas!

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