Podkinz Ep. 41: Let’s Explore!



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…Gennelle and Matt talk exploration and explorers, and are joined by Amazing World game designer Raheel!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: Wow, you know a lot about explorers! We read your letters.


Meet a Ganz-er: Raheel, Amazing World game designer, talks about what goes into creating an online world full of lush landscapes and funny characters.


What’s Next: The Berry Festival is coming! Do you have tips on how to get as much out of the festival as possible? Share your stories and questions with us at podkinz@ganz.com!



Wondering what areas in Amazing World look like? Here they are!


Super stalagmites in the Cosmic Expansion!



Softly lit snow in a Winter Paradise!



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51 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 41: Let’s Explore!

  1. ArtMagician says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Berry Festival. It is my favorite part in June every year in Webkinz, and I always make sure I try to get the most out of it. Some tips I have are to log in everyday, collect those berries whenever you see them floating by your screen, and playing Jumbleberry Fields often! A tip I have for the game is to be strategic and try to plan how you will get as many points as possible. For example, try not to use your Free Roll until you have to, especially because you can put anything into that category, and if you wait until the end, you can save up berries like Pickleberries and Moonberries to put into the Free Roll space. That can give you a lot of points, which can give you better berries! Also, I like to try to save up great Jumbleberry Fields prizes, because I hope to have a whole Jumbleberry Fields outdoor room one day!

  2. legodude says:

    I like amazing world but the 3d makes me sick, which is why I love the hamsters but can’t play :( The bunny zing is so cute. Jumble berry fields is a lot like Yahtzee and I love that game. I have almost built an entire barn setting from the prizes :) :)

  3. MEGWEBKINZ says:

    I LOVE the Berry Festival! It is one of my favorite times in webkinz world. You can’t go wrong with a festival about BERRIES! My tips- log in and just get as many berries as possible for that day, and ALWAYS try to go for the maximum amount. Also spin the Wheel of Wow and go on the Mobile App version as well. I cant be sure but there MAY be some berries on the Wheel of Wow! Also I have found it useful to go to the trading room because if you don’t have all of the berries yet, there may be a kind user who has some extras! I did have a question though. Will there be berries floating on Webkinz Newz too? I would LOOOOOOVE that!! Thank you, PODKINZ ROCKS! ~Hug a Pug~

  4. MEGWEBKINZ says:

    Thanks for using my comment! And when I said my backyard, I meant the giant area full of grass that is basically my backyard :) ~Hug a Pug~

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