Podkinz Ep. 44: Summer Preview



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…Gennelle and Matt talk summer in Webkinz World and share your vacation plans!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: Our listeners love to take advantage of summer! We read your letters.


Spotlight on…Summer!: What’s going on this summer in Webkinz World?


What’s Next: We’re chatting all about food and recipes in Webkinz World! What are some of your favorite concoctions? Share your stories at podkinz@ganz.com or in the comment section below.


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45 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 44: Summer Preview

  1. doingmydailies says:

    I am so excited for Webkinz X and I’ve been keeping up with every single post about it. Maybe it comes out on July 8th because the Marshmallow icon will be moved to the map on that day. #Xcited

  2. doingmydailies says:

    I am a huge Chef Gazpacho fan. I love to make new recipes in Webkinz World and when I watch the Chef Gazpacho show I’m constantly learning them. When I watch the show and one ingredient is wrong, it’s like a puzzle for me. I run to the W Shop and try to figure out the missing ingredient. It’s really exciting when I figure it out.

  3. alice184 says:

    Chef Gazpacho is fun to watch. One of the first reciies I ever made was Atomicalicious Punch. I just love Goober and have 191 stars on the atomic adventure game so far. I like that the recipe food look so interesting. Some of them look really funny!

  4. 90skidzrule says:

    Hello Podkinz! My favorite chef host is Chef Gazpacho! I have always loved his show since I started playing in 2007. I also love cooking with my pets and trying to figure out recipes. I do have a question about the food in Webkinz World, I read in an earlier article on Webkinz X that the food will be changing in Webkinz World because of the new meters. How big are these changes and are we still going to have the classic Webkinz foods that we all know and love?

  5. puppylover8788 says:

    Dear Podkinz, I am totally a Daisy Doe and Gazpacho fan. I like to try to make foods I love by taking some of the ingrediants that are in the and mixing them together. It usually just makes Blech but it’s still fun to try! ~Puppylover8788

    • WebkinzLover2015 says:

      Dear Podkinz, I love cooking. I’m a huge fan of Daisy Doe. When she came out in Webkinz World I was so surprised because I’ve never thought you can cook healthy. I like to try new things so she motivated me to make recipes in Webkinz, some healthy ones ,sure. Starting from that day I’ve tried to feed my pet with fresh fruits and vegetables and I’ve understood how important is food for mind and body. Yes, sometimes I make Blech, but it’s fun to try because you never know what you can create.

  6. SignatureIsland says:

    Dear Podkinz, my Webkinz are always ready to grill, or blend, up something to eat! Their favorite foods in the summer are the Mushmellow Frosty, made with ice cream, marshmallows, and mushrooms, and S’mores, made with Chocolate, cookies, and marshmallows. They always enjoy camping with their s’mores! Webkinz Rules!

    • Fracktail says:

      I love the Mushmallow Frosty! Mainly because it’s the first recipe that I figured out just by looking at the name. I wonder what some of the more outrageous recipes would taste like, like the Baseball Float or Goober’s Galactic Gumball. (How would you even eat Goober’s Galactic Gumball, anyway?)

  7. puppylover8788 says:


  8. birthdaynovember says:

    i love cooking on webkinz it is so much fun :) my webkinz pet pink cherry my cherry pike soda pup loves fish sticks so i feed her them when ever she is hungry :)

  9. CatHeart says:

    Hi, Podkinz! I usually am playing with my pets, but when I know that you revealed a recipe, I usually go make it! The snowman one is in my dock (I think). And when it’s my pets Birthday, we get Birthday Cake we can feed to our pet. I am not a recipe person, but sometimes I make some recipes. Bye! ~CatHeart~

  10. bullseyejingles444 says:

    I love watching Gazpacho’s Show and discovering new recipes! I know I could probably google them or something, but why do that when you can watch Gazpacho cook for his momma! I even designed a “Cooking Studio” room in honor of his show!

    • xCountryKinz17x says:

      That’s really cool, bullseyejingles444! :D

    • xmy9tailxkinz says:


      • xmy9tailxkinz says:

        Dear Podkinz, I LOVE making recipes! I get some from Chef Gazpacho’s Show and others from Recipe books or webkinz newz! I also LOVE challenges! When Chef Gazpacho mix up the ingredient I won’t stop until I figure it out! Every recipe I figure out or have made I write in a notebook to share with my friend! My first pet was Naruto and he has some type of SUN-day drink thingy I like his pet food the best but…when I am thirsty I want to take it out of the screen and Drink it! I LOVE ALL MY PETS, but I don’t understand why there has to be a favorite one? I am leaving my pets in ganz care! I trust that webkinz X is the right thing! Good luck! -my9tail

    • xCountryKinz17x says:

      Dear Podkinz, I heard that your gonna have to give your pets more meals when you feed them in the new Webkinz X, right? Well me and all my pets are gonna be very busy cooking meals before Webkinz X comes out! There will be all kinds of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts of course! #LetsGetCooking

      • NMKID4527 says:

        Dear PodKinz, Making recipes is always fun to me in Webkinz World and in real-life! Whenever one of my pets has a birthday, I try to make them the Birthday Party Sandwich! I have always loved the combination of macaroni & cheese and hot dogs so if I were able to make that sandwich in real-life, I’m sure I would enjoy it! Also, I have written down practically every recipe that Webkinz players know how to make on a piece of paper and they’re not just the recipes found in the cook books! In fact, I have used many pieces of paper to write down all of those recipes! There are so many! I’m definitely looking forward to future recipes! Hope to find more unknown recipes being revealed soon! Your faithful listener, NMKID4527

      • Borntoplay says:

        Dear PodKinz, I just love to make recipes. Right now I am trying to solve Tumbang and let me tell you it is not cheap, I have to buy one of everything and right now I am trying cookies bananas and everything else. On a side note I am also making a Chopped kitchen and I am almost done with it

        • TigerKinzKG says:

          Dear Podkinz, I Really like making recipes on webkinz. Some of my favorites to make are Pinaminto and Neon Pink Smoothie. I remember the very first recipe i made. It was Slotto Fruit :D It is kind of hard to figure out some recipes and it uses up ALOT of kinz cash but it is still very fun. I’m not really a big fan of cooking in real life though :P

    • Fracktail says:

      If we’re talking about Webkinz recipes, my favorite would have to be Stikagoo Cake simply because I know I’d stuff my face with it in real life. Toffee+cake+chocolate milkshake=rotting teeth best food. But if we’re talking about real recipes, then my mom makes THE BEST FUDGE/CHEESECAKE/ICE CREAM EVER and I can’t really decide which I like best because they are all the best! I can’t cook, myself, though. I can kinda sorta make toast, though…

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