Podkinz Mini – October Events On Webkinz Classic!


UPDATE: During this episode of Podkinz, Michael mentioned that the Kinzville Subway Station was the Deluxe Day gift for October. The station is actually the prize for completing the October Deluxe Challenge. The Stack O’Lanterns will be awarded to Deluxe Players on Sunday, October 22, at Today’s Activities. You can see an image of each prize below:


Find out what you can win on Webkinz Classic throughout October! At the end of the episode, Mandy and Michael give away a code for a Friendly Froggy Rocking Chair!




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12 Responses to Podkinz Mini – October Events On Webkinz Classic!

  1. funydook says:

    i realy dont know how to get the classic :( im missing out!

    • orabun says:

      You have to download it. Just go to webkinz.com and there should be a choice of downloading classic or next. Hope this helps! If you need clarification please feel free to ask.

  2. TropicalGirl says:

    A new Podkinz always makes my day! Thanks for sharing all the fun new events and prizes coming up in October. It’s going to be an awesome month! Thanks, too, for the Froggy rocking chair code!

  3. j9e9n9n9y9 says:

    Thanks for the code! :)

  4. SugarP says:

    I have a question about how sending furniture from Next to Classic works. Is it through a post office and will it still work if I don’t have an active/full membership on my classic account? How does it work to link the two accounts? I don’t want any of the Next pets on my classic account, so if I got a Next pet I’d just have the Next pet separate on the Next account. (Hopefully that makes sense.)

  5. dakotatx65 says:

    Wow, thanks so much for including my Froggy Farm! The Froggy items from Classic were so much fun to decorate with – hope you guys do something like that again!

  6. nicetigress says:

    Thanks for the code! Thanks for the Podkinz Episode! I have a Webkinz Classic Account and a Webkinz Next Account. I also have another Webkinz Classic Account.

  7. nicetigress says:

    That wallpaper for the new Halloween Camp Room Theme makes me think of the Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter.

  8. alucard says:

    Wow! Love this Podkinz Mini! Thank you for the code for the Froggy Rocking Chair! That’s one of my favorite pieces for the Froggy Theme! LOVE the prize for collecting candy in the Club House Reading Room! That cabin is going to look awesome in our Spooky Camp Rooms! Could this Spooky Cabin become apart of the Building Kits, like the Haunted House? That would be so awesome! PLEASE think about doing that for us! Hint! Hint! :-) Love the return of the Baby Monkey’s Antique Shop! Great prizes! Hope I can get at least one of the Crystal Balls! :-) Love the cute spider hat, but kind of wish it was a plushy. I could really use some cute plushy spiders in my Haunted Rooms! ;-) The Deluxe Gift is nice. I’m sure I’ll find the perfect place for it. Can’t wait to make a Haunted Camp Room! The Haunted port-a-potty is cute, but different. LOL! Thank you all for such prizes and giving us an AWESOME October! :-)

  9. giego1 says:

    Thank you for this free item! You guys ROCK!

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