Podkinz Mini – Unlimited Adventure Season!


Sally shows Mandy and Michael what you can win by playing the new Unlimited Adventure Season on Webkinz Next. At the end of the episode, they give away a code for a Lucky Coin Gift Box!



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27 Responses to Podkinz Mini – Unlimited Adventure Season!

  1. gwenjane2 says:

    My Moneyz awards have taken by hundreds of thousands, replaced, then taken away again since the recent Webkinz News update- please fix this!!!

  2. e3g6h7 says:

    Hello, I know for my webkinz house I can move the rooms around but I was wondering if I can sell a room or upgrade a room? If not will we be able to do it in the future or it is not something in the makings. Thanks :)

  3. TropicalGirl says:

    This was such a fun Podkinz, just loved it! Thank you for the code at the end. I got the Rainbow coin, yay!

  4. TRINSTER says:

    I got the rainbow coin! At first I thought this black box was a new coin box for the room, and I was so stoked! But I’ll put the beautiful rainbow coin in my wall safe!

  5. nanamama12 says:

    I still need to go get mine. Stay tuned!

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