Podkinz Mini – We Read Your Kinzpost!


In this episode, Sally and Steve join Mandy and Michael to read some player emails! At the end of the episode, they give away a code for a Father’s Day Mug!



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29 Responses to Podkinz Mini – We Read Your Kinzpost!

  1. Sollace says:

    The items could be offered in the w shop, the same way pet specific foods are offered. If you own a specific pet, the ‘extras’ for that pet should be for sale, too. And they cane be non-tradable, non-sellable, one per pet? Then this won’t happen again. And

  2. Aeiou200413 says:

    So I know this is off topic, but its hard to find a recent post that I can can post on that anyone will see. Basically I was wondering if it would be posable for Webkinz to make so you can buy pet specific items from the wshop, but make so you cant trade them so you cant just buy a bunch and give them away. I ask this because my child self thought that it would be a good idea to sell/trade them away and now when I’m redoing my whole house and am trying to decorate each pets room I am finding quite a few pets are missing their items which make it feel as though a huge part is missing. I know this would be highly unlikely because not many changes are being made in classic Webkinz, especially something this big, as well as the fact that I’m just one person and I assume lots of people wouldn’t like this, but I just wanted to ask.

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