Podkinz Mini – We Read Your Kinzpost!


In this episode, Sally and Steve join Mandy and Michael to read some player emails! At the end of the episode, they give away a code for a Father’s Day Mug!



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29 Responses to Podkinz Mini – We Read Your Kinzpost!

  1. nicetigress says:

    Thanks for the Podkinz Episode and for the codes!

  2. nicetigress says:

    Thanks for the Podkinz Episode and the codes!

  3. nanamama12 says:

    I would really like one of the old Halloween Themes to show up as prizes. I love the ghost chairs and tables, but would like to see the older Jack O Lantern table and chairs for my Halloween theme. Not the Gnarled ones, although I like those as well, the really old ones. I got into Webkinz about 4 years after it started, so I missed out on some of the OG themes and didn’t realize that themes got retired so I missed out on the older Halloween theme and the Football theme. The funny thing is, Halloween is not really my favorite time of year, but the design teams have done such a wonderful job creating really fantastic pet/furniture/decorations for both indoors and outdoors, that it plays well into my love for old horror movies. Nicely done team!

  4. nicetigress says:

    Thanks for another wonderful Podkinz: Mini video! Thanks for the code!

  5. KarenaJ says:

    I love Trick or Treat Street, which is my favorite holiday theme. Wish it was available every year :)

  6. unikitty11_ says:

    This is off topic, but I got my Black Eyed Susan Tile stuck under my path that leads to my house in next. There was another one that I placed in my garden that it won’t let me remove. What should I do.

  7. mochidochi says:

    Thank you for the cute cup!

  8. AL96 says:

    I am having trouble opening the peek a newz boxes. I drag them into my room and they wont open. What should I do or who should I ask about fixing this?

  9. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Ooh, nice. I’ll have to watch this later. =P Happy 4th of July!

  10. EgK says:

    Sally, why were you late for the party? Anyway, I would like to know when the spark party is going to be posted and if you’re going to showcase other babies with it too. I hope you got what you wanted. I sparked a baby and would love if it was posted! Also, thanks for the Podkinz, I find them wonderful!

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