Podkinz Minis – Webkinz Day Challenge!


In this episode, Michael and Mandy play Webkinz Next and help Holly Hopper prepare for a Webkinz Day party! Complete the Webkinz Day Challenge by midnight, Wednesday, April 28th and don’t forget to log in to your Webkinz Next account on Thursday, April 29th for a Webkinz Day party at the Cafe!


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21 Responses to Podkinz Minis – Webkinz Day Challenge!

  1. Rachelgirl says:

    yeah “I*’m just gonna grab this cappuccino there”… I wish I could do that, too!! Please, please, fix that glitch! Without the dispenser, I can’t finish that other challenge. Who else has this problem with the missing dispenser?? By the way, I would appreciate it if the minis had numbers! Because there are new ones more often, I would like to keep track on which ones I have already seen.

  2. ArcanineEspeon says:

    Hey, Mandy and Michael, any idea when I’m going to be able to combine the cupcakes on Webkinz Next? Webkinz Day is in 3 days, but that recipe isn’t available yet.

  3. ArcanineEspeon says:

    Hey…I hate to be “that” Webkinz fan, but I think I need to point out something. I already commented on Holly’s introduction article that I’m not a fan of her design. The head from a quadrupedal Webkinz on a humanoid body with human hair looks more than a little uncanny. Imagine how creepy it would look if you saw a person with a scientifically accurate rabbit head in real life. Where would their neck be?? Others like Arte and Ms. Biscuits don’t have the same problem because their heads were designed for bipedal bodies in the first place. But at least Holly showed up with her intended design on Michael’s computer. On both my phone and computer, every part of Holly looks…boxy. At first i thought it was only her head that looked like a cardboard box with a rabbit face, but when using my computer I discovered her entire body was covered in beige boxes. Her torso, legs, even the individual joints on her fingers have a box around them. That was definitely the weirdest part. It’s actually pretty funny, the more that I look at it.

  4. megamom12 says:

    I finished up a couple of days ago and was looking for more things to do for the party! Find balloons or SOMETHING! That was so much fun!

  5. megamom12 says:

    I finished mine this morning. I would have to say that the only part that I didn’t really like was the Cake It Up, but that went better than I thought that it would. Fortunately it was only 50 KC.

  6. leaveitnow41s says:

    So the very first challenge isn’t saying complete and no prizes. I am on last challenge. I could use that 100 cash

  7. unikitty11_ says:

    Yay! Go Podkinz for the best videos! Your videos are 5 stars! They are amazing! Yay, go Podkinz! Thank you for another great Podkinz! Another wonderful Podkinz video! (-:

    • cottencandyminion says:

      Hi Unikitty! I love Podkinz minis so much too!! You’re so much fun to trade with! I absolutely love the wedding gown on Frosty! I even named a pet after you (the new Webkinz Next unicorn) and I named it Unikitty ♡♡♡♡♡

      • unikitty11_ says:

        Hi cottencandyminion!!! Good to see you! I love trading with you too!!! And that’s so nice of you to make your pet my username!!! You are so nice♥♥ (-: . Would you like to be friends in Webkinz Next? My username in Webkinz Next is – Blossom Dreamglimmer 1

        • cottencandyminion says:

          Of course! I’ll add you when I go on later! Do you use Kinzchat plus too in Webkinz Classic? Then it would make trading even more fun! I named the plush pet after you and I adopted it on Next! I’m going to adopt it on Classic sometime this week! I can’t wait to show you ♡♡♡♡♡

  8. frozenanna2 says:

    Coollll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice mini Mandy and Michael!

  9. Fedorovgirl says:

    Thanks for running through the challenges–very helpful! Did anyone else gasp in surprise when Michael *didn’t* click on the floating “W” during the invitation delivery (at the 10 minute mark)? LOL.

  10. sosotto says:

    Cool Podkinz mini!!

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