Pool Gallery!


One of the best parts of summer is taking a refreshing dip in the pool! In Webkinz World, your pet will always be happy to swim a few laps! It’s lots of fun, and a great way to keep your pet feeling healthy!


Here’s a look at all of the swimming pools you can find in Webkinz World that will have your pet doing the doggie paddle!



Which pool is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


172 Responses to Pool Gallery!

  1. locococoapuff says:

    That cliff dive pool looks awesome! Too bad its from the estore and I don’t buy estore points.

  2. wilddfire says:

    I like a few of these pools but my favorite one is the Designer Pool

  3. bailie14 says:

    i just love the watermellon swimming pool

  4. Michelle08 says:

    Does anyone have the designer in ground pool? (I have mobile app only items)

  5. emmykinz2002 says:

    i want the aztec pool sooooooooo bad. im not a member:(

  6. AshleeandEric says:

    I love the rejuvintiong (something like that) Rainbow pool

  7. bronziebear says:

    so cool! I have the rainbow pool.

  8. puppylover8788 says:

    If anyone has the designer inground pool I’M DESPERATE FOR IT! ~ Puppylover8788 (on Ganz and Webkinz)

  9. brookshin says:

    I like the stone tiled pool and the wacky pool! :)

  10. cobelee10 says:

    i had 3 pools the lap pool and the w shop pool and oak paneld pool by

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