Quilted Tiles floating through Webkinz World starts today!



When the new Quilted Robin was working on a quilt, a winter wind blew the door open and blew all Robin’s quilt patches away! Now the Robin needs your help to finish a quilt to keep Webkinz World warm!


Watch for the floating quilt tile blowing through Webkinz from December 1 to 14. Click on the tile to have a Quilted Tile added to your dock. There are five different patterns to collect.


When you place the Quilted Tiles on the floor in your pet’s room, you’re helping to create a quilt that will keep Webkinz warm throughout the season! Deluxe members can catch up to six tiles a day, full members can catch up to four, and free members can catch up to three tiles a day.


Plus – there is a special Quilted Robin Tile that you can only find floating on Webkinz Newz!

13 Responses to Quilted Tiles floating through Webkinz World starts today!

  1. ANITAM3 says:

    I wish they also had the tiles on the Wheel, since they do not seem to fly all that often when I am in Webkinz World.

  2. nanamama12 says:

    I’m so looking forward to this new pet!

  3. MONKEYSMILE05 says:

    I am full I got 4 my grandma is Deluxe she got 6 . ALSO THE EXTRA from the NEWZ . THANKS !! It will help a lot !

  4. Blue57Star says:

    The numbers available to collect stated in the article don’t seem to match reality. my deluxe account got six (excluding the newz tile) and my free account had two, double what the article sugggests.

  5. 7debbie7 says:

    Love The Quilted Tiles…Love The Quilted Robin Too…Hope She’s Available For Purchase!

  6. Bernie3333 says:

    My Grandmother won many awards for her quilts, all hand stitched, and these remind me so much of her so the tiles are very nostalgic for me. I’ll be making a special room just for her. She had long, white hair down to her hips and I loved watching her slowly brush it out as her eyes twinkled back at me, then in a flash there was a twist and a clip and it was up in a bun. She was a very quiet Grandma but her eyes expressed all that you needed to know. It’s been a long, long time that she’s been gone, thank you so much for the memories of her.

  7. ImaPepper says:

    So cool–it’ll be awesome to make our own patterns with these tiles!

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