Rare Theme Showcase: Aztec Theme!


Arte’s Curio Shop has some amazing things, including many spectacular rare themes! His stock changes every hour, so you have to check back often to see what he has to offer!


Here’s a look at the rare Aztec theme that can only be found in the Curio Shop!


(*Note: Items with an eStore Points coin are available only through the Ganz eStore)








Deluxe Members also have access to a second set of items updated hourly, so they have TWICE the chance of finding amazing items! Learn more about Deluxe Membership here.


Have YOU collected any of the items from this rare theme? Let us know in the comments below!


40 Responses to Rare Theme Showcase: Aztec Theme!

  1. LoliBite says:

    I am currently collecting this theme for my chihuahua’s room! If you have items from the theme, let me know! We can meet in the trading room to barter!

  2. beerfeet says:

    I have most of this theme, except the eStore items. Not my favorite, I do prefer the Egyptian and Medieval themes.

  3. elysebear123 says:

    This is one of the room themes I have all they items for … multiples of some. Only items I haven’t collected are the eStore items … which are amazing … maybe some day.

  4. lmj87 says:

    I have all but 4 item’s.

  5. JE1847 says:

    I have about 8 of the items, but Arte has now stopped telling me WHEN he will have the rare items, so I haven’t even been able to find ANY rare items at all in the last few days. It used to be that I could check out a rare item about 2 times a day. I miss that. :(

  6. Inkblot says:

    I’d say I have about half of it… but I’ve never seen the wallpaper and flooring, huh. I really want the totem, never seen that either.

  7. EOGrammy says:

    Love this theme, I’m watching every hour to get them all!

  8. ilovemoonie says:

    Cool! I don’t think I have very much, if any, of this theme, except for the ancient Aztec statue. :/ I do like this theme, it’s just that the items are really expensive, and I don’t really want to spend that much money on them. I do really want that wallpaper and flooring, though.

  9. ImaPepper says:

    I really like this theme–I’m still looking for about half of the Curio Shop items, though. I guess it’ll be a bit more challenging with the changes on May 10; three more themes to cycle through? (sigh…) Oh, well–keep your shelves stocked, Arte; ’cause I’ll be visiting often! Lol!

  10. BlackBeauty says:

    All i have from this room theme is the Ancient Aztec Statue….. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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