Reminder: Cheating Will Not Be Tolerated

Just a reminder to all of our players that cheating in any form in Webkinz can lead to your account being permanently closed. Cheating includes:


  1. Using outside tools to acquire or create items, KinzCash, eStore points or pet codes.
  2. Attempting to hack our systems in any way, for any purpose.
  3. Exploiting bugs in the game to acquire or create items, KinzCash, eStore points or pet codes.
  4. Entering another player’s account without their permission, for any reason.


If you discover an exploit or outside tool, please let us know at right away.


We do not like closing accounts but we must protect our game and make it fair for all players. Please protect all of the hard work you have put into your Webkinz account and do not use exploits or cheats.






265 Responses to Reminder: Cheating Will Not Be Tolerated

  1. screaminginreverse says:

    Help! My webkinz tab is frozen and the dock is invisible. i cant even close it! And whenever it has an error message thats supposed to reset it to the login screen, nothing happens :C !!!!!! Does anyone know how to stop this glitch? Also my pet is stuck too.

  2. Shiningmoonwolf3 says:

    Does logging in another one of YOUR accounts count as cheating?

  3. creek4kids says:

    Fortunately, this hasn’t happened to me yet, but I am a little worried about accidentally encountering a glitch and having my account banned. I think some members on another website rhyming with “Said-it!” are worried about this too. If this were to happen to a member (an accidental glitch, not a purposeful cheat), how could this be resolved?

  4. BrownieWolf68 says:

    Question, if a website is offering pet codes and you use them does that fall under the first bullet?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Pet codes are an important part of your account’s security. Selling pet codes is not against the rules, but you should be cautious when purchasing or accepting codes.

  5. chocolate10diva says:

    if you suspect cheaters, do you get their items after reporting them?

  6. Funny283 says:

    I found a glitch that’s not a cheat but needs to be fixed. Can I tell you it on Webkinz Newz?

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