Restoring Archived Accounts Temporarily Unavailable


As many Webkinz players know, if you don’t log into your for a year, your account becomes “archived”. Normally, if a player wants access to an archived account, we’re able to restore it within 24 hours.


Due to Webkinz X, however, we are temporarily unable to restore archived accounts. We currently do not have an estimate as to when this functionality will return, but we are actively working on a solution.


In the meantime, if you’re a returning player who wants to check out Webkinz X, we encourage you to sign up for a Free account by registering at We’ll post another update when we’re able to restore accounts again.


We apologize for any inconvenience.



161 Responses to Restoring Archived Accounts Temporarily Unavailable

  1. applebutter14 says:

    I emailed webkinz more then once and i have never received a reply….I really miss playing

  2. kitycattm says:

    I’ve had an account for years and I’ve been logging in within the last year just fine. Now I go to log in and it tells me the information is wrong

  3. Lovergirl111 says:

    I have an account set up when I was a young child around 2005 if I was to guess. I think I remember the email used and password but I’m pretty sure it has been archived. How do I get it back?

  4. hamdiggity says:

    I had a Webkinz account in about 2010 and I’ve tried to log on but I can’t remember the parent’s email or my username. I really want to start playing again but I don’t want to start over and forget about my pets I used to have! I remember having at least 25 pets and I still have the stuffed animals! Please help!

  5. ColdBlueFox says:

    my mom is trying to log in to e store but it keep saying that the acc is deactivate and we cant get the membership so we need help sos

  6. seattlesound says:

    I have a Webkinz account that I haven’t used in a little while. When I tried to login a few days ago, it was telling me that my password was incorrect but I don’t remember ever changing it. I tried to reset the password but the page kept saying that there is in error in the SQL system. I emailed Webkinz support about a week ago and I haven’t received a response. I was wondering if there was another way to get my account back? Thank you so much!

  7. DancingStar says:

    I have an account that was set up when I was really young and we don’t know the parent’s Gmail account that was used and all of our accounts have been changed over the years and the last time i play was in mid summer of 2018 and I cant remember my password so idk if I’m able to get my account back because of all the deleted accounts that happened about a month ago and I’m just wondering if there was any way to get my account back because I had I think 23-25 pets so it would be really nice to get them all back.

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