Rextexmex: Secret Recipe Revealed!


This recipe food may look like a crown fit for a coronation, but instead of wearing it your pet can eat it! By combining 3 common ingredients found in the WShop on a stove, you too can make this supreme snack!
Here is how it is made:


• Use: any stove
• Ingredients: Chicken Nuggets, Coconut, and Nacho Chips

This regal recipe will definitely delight your pets, so get cooking and make this your crowning achievement!




32 Responses to Rextexmex: Secret Recipe Revealed!

  1. indigo11111 says:

    They totally need to show us how to make more foods for our pets! Maybe even with realistic names! Like… ice cream, cereal, and many more!

  2. goldenrose100 says:

    This is a cool recipe! I have to add it to my webkinz recipe box!

  3. fidmommy1 says:

    maybe they can come out with a clothing catalog (recipe book) to get us started how about it Ganz

  4. swirlgirl04 says:

    Cool. I’ve been trying to figure out this recipe for ages.

  5. e3459d says:

    i would not have guessed that that was the recipe. but now i can make it!

  6. comix4life says:

    Cool! I love looking around for secret recipes!

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