Room Design Awards – Meet The Finalists!



I really appreciate all the hard work and creativity that goes into each room design submission that I have received from talented players from the Webkinz Newz community. I have featured hundreds of room designs since the last Room Design Awards were held in January… and soon, all that hard work is going to pay off for ten designers!


I present to you today, the twenty finalists for the Room Design Awards! These finalists have not won a Room Design Trophy in the past. It was extremely difficult to narrow the list down to twenty room designs from hundreds of submissions, but please take the time to look at each design closely, because on Monday, April 12, I will need your help to decide which designers will receive a Room Design Trophy.



Voting has officially ended. Stay tuned… We will be posting the results soon!


43 Responses to Room Design Awards – Meet The Finalists!

  1. newsview says:

    Congratulations to all the talented Finalists!! Super excited for my dear friend, Newfie!! Love your room, another fantastic creation <3 Banff Avenue by Youwei is another favorite of mine, Wow!! I hope to one day go to Banff National Park. Best of luck to you all!

  2. Rachelgirl says:

    There are a lot of nice rooms. What a shame we can’t have more finalists, or have the trophy more often, since Michael always says he gets tons of entries.

  3. Nattie says:

    Congratulations to all the finalists for a job well done!
    The Concert for Woodland friends is one of my favorites. It is not a busy, overdone room but has a relaxing, calming effect done beautifully and very original.
    I also love the Flamingo Dayroom. The colors in this are so pretty, mixing and matching similar shades of pink and blue. I really enjoy this room.
    The Ski Chalet is a room of Winterfest prizes, showcasing them all and put together nicely. This room also gives me a nice cozy feeling of comfort…. “hygge”, if you will.

  4. Wingsfan65 says:

    Love them all, but Ice Fishing Fun by Linda is probably my favourite. Well done, everyone!

  5. dominic99709 says:

    Banff Avenue is awesome, you go girl!

  6. Pineapple6 says:

    All the rooms are beautiful, and evoke wonderful memories! Good luck to everyone! It will be difficult for everyone to choose their favorites.

  7. zayac says:

    hello! doobi/zayac1 here(flowershop finalist). thank you for featuring my room! i just thought i’d let you know i did win a room design trophy before. sorry for the confusion.

    • Michael Webkinz says:

      Thank you for your honesty. Who knows… you may win a second trophy! Good luck :)

    • Beckinz8 says:

      I just wanted to say, your room is wonderful, and I’m sure has inspired many room designers, but your integrity is the thing that has truly inspired me. Zayac, you are a class act!

      • megamom12 says:

        I totally agree. You will go far with that kind of character. I did want to say though that when I was going through the list of finalists and saw your room I could almost smell the scent of flowers. It’s a darling room and a very good use of those beautiful Butterfly Side Tables. I’ll take the decorative wheelbarrow, a new set of garden tools and a new watering can. :D

        • zayac says:

          thank you micahel! also Beckinz8 and megamom12, i really appreciate your kind words! i’ve been having really rough couple of days but this made me smile! thank you guys.

    • Traveller says:

      Integrity matters. You’re already a winner to me.

  8. Dr Quack Fan says:

    Fun to be young!

    • megamom12 says:

      I love that theme and wish that I had gotten a few more pieces from it before it went out. I did get my Dex Dangerous Wall Stickers and the Owl stickers plus most of the furniture so that was good.

  9. doublepizzabagel says:

    christmas village is one of my all-time favorites, it reminds me of one of those holiday train shows :)

  10. Bubblilious says:

    Congratulations everyone on being finalist. I think if I were to narrow it down I would pick the CONCERT FOR WOODLAND FRIENDS. I like the calm pastel colours used in the theme and just the thought of doing something for the woodland friends is very unique. I also like the peaceful INDOOR PARK and the picturesque FARM. What beautiful places. I look forward to seeing more of everyone’s rooms.

    • megamom12 says:

      These are all really nice rooms. I love Plumpy’s Home Office done in a small room. It’s REALLY well layed out.

    • woosieboo says:

      Thank you Bubbililious. I love all of my animal plushies and enjoyed putting the room together. The color scheme was definitely part of it too. I will also be voting for the rooms mentioned here. Well done everyone!

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