Rules for Chatting #OneWebkinzWorld in the Kinzville Park



We love that everyone’s getting into the #OneWebkinzWorld spirit, but we’d like to remind you that along with any other personal information, you CANNOT share social media usernames in KinzChat Plus. If you do share information about your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other social media account, it will result in a ban. Thank you for your understanding!




154 Responses to Rules for Chatting #OneWebkinzWorld in the Kinzville Park

  1. HKSdancemomsfan10 says:

    Well if you’re not supposed to share your usernames, how can you friend people? I wish they never took out KinzChat Plus in the clubhouse, all they have is the trading room and not everyone wants to trade, could you plz consider bringing KC+ back on your next update? We would all be very happy and will bring most of your players back.

  2. adara917 says:

    good rule! it won’t be a problem 4 me because i don’t have social media, don’t use KinzChat Plus, and i wouldn’t do it, but a good rule 4 everyone who would!

  3. rosalina1234 says:

    Is it possible for a whole Webkinz account to be closed if we break kinzchat plus rules

  4. rosalina1234 says:

    This is why my parents don’t let me access kinzchat plus

  5. kinz99 says:

    This sounds safe! I don’t know why people would be sharing their personal info but i have kinzchat plus and i don’t. Webkinz and all ganz wesites are very safe and this is just one of the reasons why and parents are more easily influenced if the website is friendly for their child.

  6. 647scruffy says:

    I agree with the rules too…But, to forever ban people who have talked about a third party sites isn’t something Ganz should do. I understand the safety concern but i have heard some ppl say they aren’t aware that they broke the rules or only mentioned a Youtube video or something random and got banned forever!!! These people leave Webkinz and for me I’d like to see people stay on the site because having more people benefits the company and its players. We can’t have webkinz if MORE people quit or get banned!

    • Gennelle Webkinz says:

      Our Chat Moderators are obligated to ban a user when they mention *personal information* pertaining to a 3rd party website. Also, a user would have to make the same mistake multiple times after being warned to receive a lifetime ban.

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