Signature Ragdoll Cat is AVAILABLE at eStore!

Ganz is proud to showcase the Webkinz Signature and Endangered Species Edition Signature Pet collections.


The Signature Ragdoll Cat just loves to show off their fabulous fashion sense! It just so happens they have the perfect platform with a Designer Catwalk where they can strut their stuff. And when it’s meal time they are quite particular about only being served their favorite food, Seared Scallops!


The Signature Ragdoll Cat comes with the following items:
• Special Item: Designer Catwalk
• Special Food: Seared Scallops
• A Wish Token
• Plus one Exclusive item from the Signature Room Theme


Every Signature series pet includes an amazing pet-specific special item and food to dazzle players, a Wish Token for extra fun on the site, an exclusive piece of the Signature Room Theme that is only available from adopting a Signature Pet, plus all the regular adoption rewards!


You may find this virtual, online Signature Pet and more at eStore!


20 Responses to Signature Ragdoll Cat is AVAILABLE at eStore!

  1. clem1219 says:

    I cant wait to get this one it is so cool!!! I love this cat so much!! It is just too adorable!!!

  2. Lisamarie580 says:

    im gonna get it tommorw!!

  3. brookloveswebkinzforever says:

    I want the marble cat and the ragdoll there my 2 favorites

  4. Becky71W says:

    I love the clothes they are all wearing. I have the clothes the Squirrel is wearing but never seen the others outfits.

  5. CrazyCatCrib says:

    wow! she’s seriously awesome! i really, really want one! i’ll have to start thinking about names . . . . thx, Ganz!

    • prprprprp says:

      Hi, CrazyCatCrib, you could name her: Dolly, Meow, Ragdoll, Cat Walk, Sandy, or Brownie! I will post more pet names soon if you’d like! :)

      • prprprprp says:

        Here are some more pet names CrazyCatCrib! (more later!) You could name her: Fluffy, Cutie, Sweetheart, Brighteye, Beauty, Walker, Whiskers, or even Smiley. Hope that helps! More later! ;)

        • playnowpuppy says:

          I have some names too MidnightFireflies15 ;) Maybe Lilian, Jennifer, Cara, Laney, Jenny, Shimmer, Dazzle, Kate, Cyanna, and I could think of a hundred others but I’ll stop now!

        • prprprprp says:

          Here are some more names CrazyCatCrib! Here they are: Nancy, Lala Lucy, Minnie, Furball, Pointy, Nosy, Lillian, Bunchy, Franny, Alex, Lovely, Sweetie, Purr-fect, Catalynn, Melissa, Blondie, Munchy, Spark, Feline, Patty, Macy, Queenie, and more later! (I love thinking of names for pets! If anyone needs any, just ask me!)

          • playnowpuppy says:

            Hi prprprprp I was thinking of Lillian too! How cool! I love your names! I just got the Donkey Pinata and I don’t know what I should name him! Got any ideas?

          • Lisamarie580 says:

            i named mine gabriella

  6. MidnightFireflies15 says:

    soooo cute! i love this signature! she looks like my real cat storm who is a himilayan persian who looks just like sassy from homeward bound :) adorable

    • playnowpuppy says:

      This pet Is awesome thanks kinz! The runway Is so cool! Speaking of runways the runway In the Runway room in the clubhouse Is It possible to get the runway or Is that just an item kinz made only for that room?

  7. webangusdog10098 says:

    Adorable! Finally, some new sigantures…and quite a cute one too!

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