Safe Trading – An Important Notice

As a Webkinz collector, you work hard for your rare Webkinz items, whether they are exclusive items, event prizes or your pets’ PSIs. For this reason, it is very important that if you engage in trading these valued items, that you do so safely.


Recently, we are getting more and more reports of players trying to pull simple scams to trick players into trading their items for nothing in return. Let us be clear that such scams are not allowed and when caught, these players lose their access to KinzChat PLUS and may even lose their Webkinz account entirely.




SCAM 1: “I’ll send you eStore points for your item


No they won’t. They will just take your items and you’ll get nothing. Trading for eStore points is not supported by our trading system, and it is not allowed. Report any player making this kind of offer immediately.


SCAM 2: “I’ll send you a Pet Code for your PSI


No they won’t. It isn’t possible to send over a Pet Code anyway. And remember – Pet Codes are the keys to your account. If you use a Pet Code from someone you don’t know, they can use it to change your password and get into your account. Only ever use sealed Pet Codes, or codes directly ordered from the Ganz eStore. Report any player making this kind of offer immediately.


SCAM 3: “Give me your password and I’ll put a rare item on your account.


No they won’t. What they will do is steal all of your rare items. This is a very common scam on other sites, including YouTube as well. If any player asks you for your password, they want to take your things. Please don’t fall for this, even if there are comments that say “This really works!”




To best protect your account and your items, please always follow these three simple rules:


RULE 1: Only trade items using our trading tables. This is the only allowable method of trading in the game. This system is secure and requires a double confirmation so you have two opportunities to make sure that you’re making the deal you want. Any other trade in the game is at your own risk and is not recommended.


RULE 2: KinzPost Gifting is not for trading. Gifting is just that, for sending gifts. If you expect something in return, it isn’t gifting. Again, see Rule 1 – only trade at the trading tables.


RULE 3: Never, ever give anyone your password. Not your cousin, not your best friend, not your classmate. Anyone who you give your password to has full access to your account and can do whatever they want on your account, including trading your items, gifting your items, or selling your items. You are responsible for everything that happens on your account, so if you gave someone access to your account, we cannot fix it if they do something that you didn’t want.


The security of your account is extremely important to us. Please use this information to keep your account and items safe, and please share this article with all of your friends who play Webkinz. The more players that know, the safer Webkinz World will be.



231 Responses to Safe Trading – An Important Notice

  1. Joy3111 says:

    I think these are good, but kind of sad. Some people are probably trustworthy with points, and now if they even offer they can be reported.

  2. eberry12 says:

    Hi Ganz! I used to have had Kinz chat Plus, and well… I read the rules, but no where did it say you weren’t allowed to tell how many items you needed… and I said numbers. So I tried and tried and tried and I got banned forever for saying numbers… So I got it on my other account… I was wondering if there was ANY way for me to get it back on my main? Because on my main I have all my pets, actions, and friends, and it was my original account. Can you please please please unban me? Just send an email to the email that is set up with my eberry4 account… thank you! And the other account I still have kinz chat plus on is ajberry4. They both have same email because they are both mine. and same password. I will not mention email or password. xD That would be bad. Please Ganz, I would LOVE for me to be able to talk to my friends and use my pets I paid alot of money for, just to play with my friends and chat. I promise I know better now not to say letters. Thank you so much!

  3. webkinzRmylife14 says:

    i gotta admit, i was one of those people who scammed for the “give me your psi and ill give 10 000 estore points” scam. so i gave the player my psi and the player said just add me and ill give u estore points. the player lest as soon as was about to add him\her onto my account. i was so happy until i couldnt find him\her and realised that ive been scamed… but now (thanks to Ganz!) i know better! :)

  4. rocketpower says:

    yay i almost got scamed before i read these rules thanks ganz someone said they would give me estore points

  5. itsadventuretime23 says:

    ya this happened to me and i was silly for listening to them. traded very cool things for the “neon tutu recipe” and it never worked. this was before they gave it out btw

  6. rachelliz123 says:

    I’m happy to see these posted! My friends are scammed quite a bit because they put too much trust in other users. I really need persian items, and people constantly say “lets trade that for food and I will send it!” but they won’t. If anyone has persian, my webkinz user is rachelliz12 if you want to be friends and trade or something! i also need ancient or any rares honestly! i never do kinzpost for trading purposes, nor do i send estore points! but im happy to trade with anyone or send gifts or receive gifts or just simply be friends!!!

  7. Splat says:

    Thank you so, super much for the advice. :D

  8. pink100j says:

    Hi! One time I saw a person in Kinzchat+ and when they accepted the request to trade, they would say, “You have tin seconds to give me a water bottle” and they would put up a super exclusive gift box. and then, to make matters even more pressuring, they counted, “one, too, tree, for, hive, sicks,” ect. Then I said, “Sorry I don’t have a water bottle!” And waited until they finished counting. Then they just exited the trade. Of course, I reported them, but they just kept doing the same thing to other people. :/

  9. SignatureIsland says:

    I’ve got the i’ll send you estore points scam to many times

  10. puppypower04 says:

    my best friend knows my password…… :( what can I do??!

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