Security Update: Password update required for all accounts

To ensure the security of all our player accounts, we have put in place a requirement that all players update their account password before logging into Webkinz World. Players will only have to do this once.



We have streamlined this process for you. When you log in with your current password, you will be given this prompt telling you to update your password:



You will be automatically taken to the Change Password:



Here you can simply enter your new password, and then again to confirm it and click Apply. You will then be taken right into Webkinz World to begin playing.



We are asking that all players use at least 8 characters for their passwords. We encourage players to use both numbers and letters in their password for added security.








  1. Open a web browser on your mobile device (e.g., Chrome or Safari)
  2. Go to
  3. Tap on the gray menu button (3 horizontal stacked lines) in the top right corner of the screen to open the menu
  4. Tap on “Change password” to go to the mobile Change password screen
  5. Follow the same steps listed in the article above




Remember, you will only have to do this once. The next time you log in, you will go right in. The security of our player accounts are of utmost importance to everyone at GANZ. We appreciate your patience with this inconvenience.



Your Furry Friends in Webkinz World.

348 Responses to Security Update: Password update required for all accounts

  1. GrellSutcliff says:

    Put a fish on an account and the login wasn’t accepted. Made a new account and have been buying things on it but would like to have the code revoked on the innacseble account so it can be used on the new one. Still have my plush, code, username and the name given to the pet fish. Sent an email to support, what’s the usual wait time for a response?

  2. MrsSnow says:

    We have Already gone to extreme lengths to recover our accounts and now me and my child are locked out of our accounts again..this is a pain ! Now I’m locked out and I know my password cause we written it down and still not allowing us to access …

    • MrsSnow says:

      Is anyone having trouble with Webkinz game all the time please reply …Always have trouble logging in and now saying my info doesn’t match …gets frustrating seriously !

  3. Lilbudz1 says:

    I recently changed my password but forgot to write it down. I’m not sure a parents email was ever linked to the account and all the possible emails I tried say they’re not associated with an account. I emailed ganz support but still haven’t heard back. I’d hate to lose my account permanently since my 11 year old self spent so much time building a home for my pets and I managed to remember my password for 10 years until I was forced to change it. Is there any way I can get a new password for my account?

  4. Miaroo7 says:

    When I try to reset my password it said I failed the credentials. I am very confused why it said that when the password I was trying to use is over 8 characters and yes I did try to use my pet name i tried two different ones and wouldn’t let me do it?

  5. thatchick88 says:

    So I was sent the notification to change my password and it’s been a while since I’ve been in my account, so although I remember my password and username I dont recall the name of my pet. When I try to change the password it requires the name of one of my pets. What should I do?

  6. Charmeina says:

    On my nieces webkinz account, it asks her to change her password, but when she goes to change it, it asks for her pets name. She doesn’t remember her pets name. Any idea on how we could find out what she named her pet??

  7. bonesbongo says:

    PLEASE HELP!!! I set up two new accounts for GanzWorld this morning as I am in the process to start deleting accounts. I am having a problem I am not able to log in with the information that I provided on both of the accounts. I keep getting the message The username or password you entered is incorrect. I clicked on the button FORGET PASSWORD there was a temporary password sent to my email account when I entered the temporary password to access my new account I was not able to do so. I got the same message The username or password you entered is incorrect. How do I get a hold of GanzWorld support to get direction on what I should do. Are they able to delete these two accounts that I created so I’m able to start fresh and enter the same information which will allow me to log in. I’m waiting for a reply from a Webkinz Newz Team Member.

  8. MunchCatkk says:

    Hewo Webkinz! I just got a letter yesterday about me getting a gift from someone named xox and their pet Oreo. I don’t know that user and almost everyone on my friends list are people I know in real life. I also got a blue backpack for adventure park and some sour gummy bites in my dock which I have never purchased. I also lost some kinzcash. What should I do? I’m afraid to take the items out of my dock

    • Michael Webkinz says:

      Hello MunchCatkk… We recently gave away that Adventure Pack to everyone, so that should explain why it’s in your Dock. Drag it into your room to unlock your adventure!

      • MunchCatkk says:

        okay! thank you! I’ll open it later, but what abut xox and Oreo? How could they send me a gift when we’re not friends? Also, I never got a friend request from them

        • babymoose88 says:

          The same thing happened to my sister, it said she won a Queen Of Hearts bed from someone who was not on her friends list that she never saw before. It was from a Deluxe Machine of some sort. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone :)

          • Chocomese says:

            Whenever I use the Deluxe Prize Machine and get something it always tells me “*username here* has won this as a gift from you!” Or something like that. And sometimes it says that I got the item before from someone…so I don’t know what’s up with that.

          • winxclub11 says:

            Sounds weird.

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