Emerald Ski Jacket: Secret Clothing Recipe Revealed!


Looking to dress your pet in something slick this Webkinz Day? Well now you can when you create the previously unsolved Emerald Ski Jacket in the Clothing Machine!


Just click on the Clothing Machine button in the KinzStyle Outlet (available only on the web and desktop app) and use the following 3 clothing items to create this lovely lime leather jacket!





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Which clothing recipe combinations are YOUR favorites to make? Let us know in the comments below!


49 Responses to Emerald Ski Jacket: Secret Clothing Recipe Revealed!

  1. glamor414 says:

    Super Funky Hoodie next please, been unsolved since 2011, I feel like this decade old recipe needs to see the light of day. Also, almost every person on these articles asks for it, please give us what we want!

  2. ThedaBisdee says:


  3. 1Emerald1 says:

    I’m seriously excited to have this recipe, I’ve been trying to figure it out for years and years! (no wonder I never did, this is one of the most obscure ones I’ve seen yet). Thanks, Webkinz, now, on to the Highland Jacket!

  4. blueskyphoenix says:

    There was a rumor going around that this recipe needed the Jeweled Military Shirt, Green Pants, and the Striped Toque, but I’m glad its not!

  5. WebkinzPlayer4563 says:

    I never would have guessed this recipe, but I love it nonetheless! I would totally rename one of my pets Elphaba just so they could wear this jacket :)

  6. ArcanineEspeon says:

    Wow, not one sporty or wintery piece of clothing in the recipe! If you asked me yesterday what I thought Ruby Slippers, Sparkly Pink Bow and Wizard’s Hat would combine into, I would have told you something like a fairy princess crown or something Gilderoy Lockhart would wear or a unicorn…something or other…not a ski jacket! ^o^

    • clarakaukonen says:

      I think its like the Wizard of Oz maybe because it’s emerald? Like the Wizards hat makes sense for the wizard and of course the ruby slippers for Dorothy and then maybe the bow because Dorothy has ribbons in her hair

      • ArcanineEspeon says:

        I’m sure you’re right. But it’s a leap of far connection that I’m surprised Webkinz developers decided to make. In fact, when I looked at this recipe, my first thought was “I bet it contains ruby slippers…nah, can’t be. Those are already in the glass slippers!” If it was an emerald suit or glasses or emerald checked dress or something, I think the wizard of oz connection would have been 100% logical, but I think it’s kind of funny that it’s a ski jacket, considering how little the Wizard of Oz has to do with winter sports! \(^o^)/ I see both of those things a lot in my daily life, but I can safely say that the literary works of L. Frank Baum and my dad’s favorite winter hobby never occupied the same spot in my brain — until now, that is!

      • blueskyphoenix says:

        Maybe the pink bow could be for Glinda.

      • PARKASUE says:

        Maybe the bow is a connection to Toto because Toto is a terrier and that bow is on the dog with a bow in her hair, the Webkinz terrier.

  7. twdfan says:

    is there a list of unsolved recipe

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