September Peek-A-Newz Prizes

The Pretty Elephant pet will be “peeking” around Webkinz Newz this September, and she’s got a bunch of prizes you might win!  From September 1 until September 30, head over to the “Events” page and start the Peek-A-Newz activity. Find the Pretty Elephant 5 times around Webkinz Newz and you will win a 2019 WKN September Gift Box. Open it to receive a random prize from the September Prize Pool.



Blue Backpack

Drinking Fountain

Forest Tile Side Table (NEW)

Green Backpack

Green Notepad and Pencils

Languages Poster

Lunchbox Fridge

Math Poster

Navy Boy’s School Uniform Blazer

Navy Girl’s School Uniform Dress

Purple Notepad and Orange Pens

Recess Bell

Sapphire Glasses (NEW)

Sapphire Mosaic Tile

Science Poster

Social Studies Poster

Textbook Tower

51 Responses to September Peek-A-Newz Prizes

  1. RandaPanda523 says:

    Anybody else not having any luck getting the sapphire glasses? I’ve done the peek-a-newz every day on my main. This week, I’ve been doing it on six other family accounts too. I still haven’t won a pair. And only one sapphire mosaic tile. Lots and lots of posters and backpacks. Just wondering if I’m the only one? I ended up with 3 of the peridot glasses last month, so it just seems weird I haven’t found a sapphire one yet.

  2. fionaflamingo says:

    I really need those glasses!!! Got my fingers crossed that I get them before September is over…

  3. LianaLiana321 says:

    This is the best

  4. bella201223 says:

    I LOVE every single one of these! SO EXCITED

  5. puddin00 says:

    Hello eclipsse07, I would LOVE to have some prizes. Thank you from puddin00

  6. eclipse07 says:

    I’ll give my prizes to anyone who wants them.

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