September’s Featured Pets

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  1. ngeorgianow says:

    I absolutely LOVE all three of these pets!!!

  2. RockRfox says:

    The giraffe is so cute! And now I’m so glad I didn’t adopt my Chocolate Milk Cow yet; now I can get the POTM stuff!

  3. FUJ6F36Z says:

    Yay! I have a Sweet Spice Cat!

  4. ilovemoonie says:

    Hmm…well, the new Pebble Giraffe is pretty cute, I must admit, but it looks a lot like the original giraffe, except its fur doesn’t look as soft, and maybe it’s designed a bit differently. Either way, it’s still a giraffe. I suppose it’s not the worst thing they could remake, though, since there’s only one regular Webkinz giraffe that looks like it, but still…I probably won’t be getting this one. However, I love the POTM for both September and October! I really wish I had that Chocolate Milk Cow, haha XD

  5. penguinlove1 says:

    I entered for the cow. Fingers crossed I can win it!!! Birthday month’s here :)

  6. FoxesRule612 says:

    Admittedly, the Pebble Giraffe is cute, but….it would’ve been nicer had it not been a remake. Though I do kinda like this “pebble” theme that Ganz has been making. What will be next, I wonder? A Pebble Cow? A Pebble Dog? I’d love it if a Pebble (Marble) Fox would be made! ^u^

    • LuckyFinnigan says:

      They are making the animals look ‘plausible.’ So I don’t know if they may make a Pebble Fox, but I really think it would be neat if they made a Swift Fox. It is a very small fox, not much bigger than a house cat, About 6-7 lbs full grown. It is so cute! It is a tan color with a black tip on it’s bushy tail. It is also considered a species that is imperiled.

  7. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Aw.. I was kinda hoping it wouldn’t a giraffe… We already have the original giraffe, which is really cute! I’m not gonna say this new one isn’t cute, but it’s kinda boring to see another giraffe and looks a little too, uh, pudgy.. in my opinion.. s=P

  8. kittzkatt says:

    These are all very cute pets! I really miss Halloween plushies though. Maybe they didn’t sell well? I really hope we see more in the future, of holiday plushies in general. They make great decorations as well as new friends!

    • megamom12 says:

      I hope so! I wasn’t able to get the bat and it took forever to find the black cat. I would love to get a second black cat for my second account and bats for both.

  9. 1mitzy says:

    Love October’s Pet of the Month!

  10. julieperkins says:

    the Giraffe is to cute for words!

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