Smoothie Moves Arcade Challenge ON NOW!


Hey there arcade enthusiasts! The Smoothie Moves Arcade Challenge starts TODAY—but don’t leave it to the last minute… You’ll only have until Sunday, January 31st (midnight, Eastern Standard Time), to complete it!



Here’s how to play. Starting TODAY, January 25th, look for the Smoothie Moves Challenge icon in your pet’s room. It will be displayed along the left side of the room:



Click on the icon to review your tasks. There are 3 tasks you’ll need to complete by midnight, January 31st (EST) to earn all the prizes:


  1. Earn 130 KinzCash playing Smoothie Moves at the Arcade
  2. Spin the Wheel of WOW 4 times
  3. Feed your pet 10 Chocolate Milkshakes from the WShop


Blanche is a cat who works at a diner, and she needs your help to fill all the smoothie orders. Help by tossing food onto the conveyor belt to make a group of three or more of the same food. When you do, the group will disappear. When you use all the ingredients on the conveyor belt, you move up a level!


Watch out for awesome combos and cool power ups – and make sure the food doesn’t fall off the end of the conveyor belt!





Complete all the tasks before time runs out and you’ll win a Blanche Plushy, along with a NEW Smoothie Moves Blender!




Do YOU have any Smoothie Moves game play tips? Let us know in the comments below!


25 Responses to Smoothie Moves Arcade Challenge ON NOW!

  1. TRINSTER says:

    I finished it already – I had two free WoW coupons – love the blender!

  2. KarenaJ says:

    I was able to finish this quickly on both our accounts, just waiting on the wheel spins now. Thank you for a fun and quick challenge. Can’t wait for that prize!

  3. genren1 says:

    One of my favorite games!

  4. megamom12 says:

    10 Chocolate Milkshakes??? My pets are going to love that part!

  5. mistermasters says:

    Such a cute diner room! What is that item on the tables in the booths? I don’t recognize it but it fits perfectly. :)

    • TRINSTER says:

      Looks like an old timey napkin and condiment set. I’ve never seen it before either!

      • Fedorovgirl says:

        Yup, it’s the “Condiment Rack”, available in the eStore (1,000 eStore points or just 500 for Deluxe members). Cute room, Astreichooo! I love playing Smoothie Movies in Classic Webkinz and the new Webkinz. I seem to do better in the Classic game, though, for some reason lol.

  6. bonesbongo says:

    I love playing this game! Just need to get the spins completed on the Wheel of WOW I will then have this awesome Smoothie Moves Blender on all of my accounts. Thank you for this great prize.

  7. BadCorps2_0 says:

    Thank you Webkinz!

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