SNEAK PEEK: February Deluxe Challenge!


The February Deluxe Monthly Challenge starts on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST, and players who complete all 3 tasks will win a Sweetheart Plushy, along with a NEW Lovely Pond!





Click on the Deluxe Challenge icon in your pet’s room to review your tasks. Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete your Deluxe Monthly Challenges as some tasks may take some time to complete. This month’s tasks:


  • Earn 200 KinzCash KinzCash playing Cash Cow 2 at the Arcade
  • Spin the Wheel of Deluxe 7 times
  • Add a Lovely Hearts Rug, this year’s prize for collecting 20 Valentines, to your pet’s room


Not a Deluxe Member? Join before the end of February in order to play February’s Deluxe Challenge!



30 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: February Deluxe Challenge!

  1. TammieHoppe says:

    Did anyone else have this problem. I just completed this challenge, and the items were added to my dock. For some reason it said I had two. I thought this may be a valentines promotion since it’s a time of sharing with others. I have a friend on webkinz who didn’t have a deluxe account so I gave them my “extra.” After sending them this, the item without the two still remained in my dock. When I went to my room to place them, they didn’t appear. So I logged out, and now they’re gone. Was this a bug, or did I just accidentally give the only copies I have. If any of you fell for this, I’d love to know if and how you retrieved them.

    • TammieHoppe says:

      I want to make it clear I’m not mad. Valentine’s Day is a time of giving to others, and hopefully someone else will now have something special. I just feel silly.

  2. ultrasonic3 says:

    Is anyone else having trouble adding the rug to their room? I’ve added it but it doesn’t show that I completed the task when checking my progress.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      You’ve collected 20 valentines already? Are you on an Asian account?

    • rlla14 says:

      The prize doesn’t register on the challenge for me, either. I got the rug across my three accounts, and NONE of them show I’ve completed that part of the challenge. I even compared the name of the rug to the challenge name, and logged out of my account and back in. Still shows as 0/1 for that event.

      • rlla14 says:

        Whoops–my mistake, sorry. I apparently read the challenge too fast (and, I believe the last one checked off automatically when you WON the prize)–I was able to put the rug in the room, and that completed the challenge. Sorry!

  3. mojo18x2 says:

    i’m having trouble planting my sapling.

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