SNEAK PEEK: September Deluxe Challenge!


The September Deluxe Monthly Challenge starts on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST, and players who complete all 3 tasks will win some Academy Lockers to set in your school along with a NEW Kinzville Academy Main Office!



Click on the Deluxe Challenge icon in your pet’s room to review your tasks. Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete your Deluxe Monthly Challenges as some tasks may take time to complete. This month’s tasks:


  • Earn 55 KinzCash playing Stack ‘EM Up Solitaire at the Arcade
  • Spin the Wheel of Deluxe 3 times at the Arcade
  • Earn 55 KinzCash playing Cash Cow 2 at the Arcade



Not a Deluxe Member? Join before the end of September in order to play September’s Deluxe Challenge!




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8 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: September Deluxe Challenge!

  1. pinkgirly95 says:

    This was one of our favorite events. Thanks Ganz Team !!

  2. XenoQuacker says:

    Love this prize. Ties in very well with the school giveaway. With the microphone, it will make a great announcer’s booth for the swim meet.

  3. 3canbc says:

    yes i cant wait till September can you really beat August, wow webkinz and ganz you are the best, you know we love these things you work so hard, thank you all and i hope you have a great summer everyone, here it is fall almost and we have had so much bad weather, but webkinz always helps us, thank you so much, i need all the help i can get, i’m not lucky at all, i really love to win good items, but i have the worse luck, please send good vibes my way, thanks, have agreat day everyone, love classic and also new to next, hope you all enjoy both games, they really are fun, i will always be a classic love first, but who don’t want more webkinz, and the newz here is great to to keep up with all the wonderful stuff, cause we all cant do fb, or the twitter thing, cause i love this, my webkinz family is the best always be kind to others and enjoy your game.

  4. TropicalGirl says:

    Love the Main Office, and I can always use more lockers. Thank you!

  5. SpiritRidingFree says:

    noooooooo, not solitaireeeee sobbing

  6. kaitgomez says:

    Yay! I love Stack ‘Em Up Solitaire

  7. alucard says:

    That’s really nice! I think I’ll be making an school office waiting room for my Webkinz school! Thank you Ganz/Team Webkinz! :-) LOVE getting the locker, too! Wish we could buy those in the WShop for KinzCash! I use these all the time for extra clothing storage! :-)

  8. eigram says:

    Totally doable and what a nice prize! Thank you!

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