Webkinz Berry Fest 2019



From June 17 – 28, celebrate Berry Fest in Webkinz World by collecting berries! There are several ways you can collect them:


  • Look for the floating Jumbleberry in Webkinz World and click on it to win a random berry. (limit to 6 berries per day, 9 for Deluxe players)

  • Spin the Wheel of Yum daily at Today’s Activities for the chance to win more berries. (web only)

  • Visit Mayor Sophie Stockwell at the Kinzville Park every day during Berry Fest and click on her to get a basket of berries. When you drag the basket into your room, you’ll be awarded a berry. (web only)

  • From June 17– 28, look for a floating basket of berries right here at Webkinz Newz, and click on it to have it sent back to your Webkinz account. Drag the basket into your room to get a bonus berry!


There are 6 berries that you can collect during Berry Fest. You’ll have the chance to find Jumbleberries, Sugarberries, Pickleberries and Moonberries which you can use to fill up your Jars of Preserves at Jumbleberry Fields in the Arcade. You’ll also have the chance to find Goo-Goo Berries and Polarberries that are ONLY available during Berry Fest.


Each time you feed your pet a Goo-Goo Berry or Polarberry you’ll win a prize. Click on a button below to learn more about Berry Fest and find out what you can win:






You’ll also get a bonus play of Jumbleberry Fields every day of Berry Fest. You’ll be awarded the Bonus Play when you log into Webkinz, but it won’t appear in your Dock. It will be available the next time you play Jumbleberry Fields.


27 Responses to Webkinz Berry Fest 2019

  1. Zooooooz says:

    I’m close to earning the Berry Fest trophy & pie prize, but I wonder how I earned the points playing Triple P (Pumpkin Patch Protector ;) ), since I’m sure I haven’t played it recently!?

  2. lemony says:

    Please add Jumbleberry fields to the mobile app! It would be awesome.

  3. sainfoin says:

    Any other Webkinz old-timers who remember the goo-goo berry festival from about 10 years ago? Back when there were only floating goo-goo berries and you could only win goo-goo berries and goo-goo berry floats? It’s interesting to see how much Webkinz has changed over the years and personally, I like having more prizes to win from floating berries

  4. Sunnyfox2018pup says:

    Awesome! Looks like a lot of fun.

  5. tinygma says:

    If possible you have a heads up save the Moonberrys you get for this challenge NOW ! get ahead of things if you can. That way your less stressed later.

  6. karrit says:

    A heads up that the Polarberry & GooGooberry prizes were being changed prior to the actual Berry Fest event would have been nice. I still have a bunch of berries to feed my pets & would have liked the chance to get a few more of the dining chairs that apparently are no longer prizes for feeding the berries.

  7. BWG19 says:

    Always love Berry Fest. The game for the trophy is hard for me but I’ll give it a shot. I got enough moomberries for it in my dock I’m holding for challenges. Good luck all and Thanks, Ganz.

  8. Amygirl113 says:

    I keep 10 of each color berries in my dock all the time, just in case. Ya never know when you’ll need them. I love Berry Fest.

  9. Fred04 says:

    AWESOME. I love berry fest. Thanks so much.

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