Sneak Peek: Berry Festival!

This year’s Berry Festival runs June 19-28! Check out all the fun events going on…


Berry Floaty Clicky Event


Look for floating berries in Webkinz World between June 19-28! You can click and win 1 of each berry per day. Feed them to your pet or save them for your Jumbleberry Fields jars!



Daily Login Prize


How berry exciting! Log into every day during the Festival to receive a special daily gift! Plus, don’t forget to log in on the LAST day, June 28, for your Summer Sensation gift! Look for these prizes in your Dock.



Today’s Activities Events


Be sure to check Today’s Activities throughout the Festival for scheduled events that award delicious berry prizes!


Wheel of Yum


Get a daily spin between June 19-28 on the Wheel of Yum! You’ll have the chance to win even more great berry-inspired prizes.


NEW Jumbleberry Fields Prizes


Love filling your jars and earning prizes? There are 10 NEW Jumbleberry Fields prizes to get! Stay tuned to to discover what they are…



For more details about this exciting event, keep checking!


176 Responses to Sneak Peek: Berry Festival!

  1. isabell says:

    berry fest is the best event in webkinz! every year it gets better! :)

  2. newblue3 says:

    someone please send me the pantry, pants, and moonberry machine when you get it. My username is bluegloom3. I will send items in return.

  3. doodlebug72898 says:

    I’ve read this article about 800 times and I still have to keep reading it because I’m just that excited about the berry festival! This is my favorite festival every year!

  4. bear10201 says:

    Can’t wait to get all the prizes, they look really cool!!

  5. alonnia_01 says:

    I wish one of the prizes would be a pack of Moonberry seeds ,as that is teh hardest jar to get filled, been here 3 years and filled it once. Please Ganz make one of the Prizes a pack of the moonberry seeds Thank you

  6. gamepup says:

    I TOTALY can’t wait till the Berry Festival! It’s going to be very, very fun! I’m going to log in every day through June 19th-June 28th so I can get lots of prizes! But the Moon berry dress I already have because you can make it in the Clothing Machine at the Kinz Style Outlet. The recipe is: a Plaid Buckle Hat, a Purple Pajama Top, and a Smocked Sundress. Want to know more recipes? Leave a reply saying so, and I will get back to you. Here just a few of the ones I know: Neon Tutu, Pretty Paid Gown, Racecar driver Outfit, Rad Rainbow Overalls, Strawberry Hat, Supper Star Shirt, Sweat Dreams Bathrobe, and a Tie Dye Top. I know much more, but that’s all I’m posting for now. If you want to be my friend on webkinz world, my username is sgr6363 Bye for now!

  7. bear10201 says:

    The prizes look cool, cant wait for it to start.

  8. arzi02 says:

    Who remembers the moonberry marmalade kit? I got, like, seven of those things and it took me weeks to complete . . . anyone want a completed one, reply.

    • newblue3 says:

      If you could send me one, my username is bluegloom3. I’ll be gone the day they send those out, so I’d like one. I’d send something in return. Thanks.

  9. sea291 says:

    I LOVE the moonberry dress!!!!! Gotta have it!

  10. lol12345 says:

    Awesome! Thanks ยง! I love the Polarberry pants! And the Summer Sensation gift should be cool too! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

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