Sneak Peek: Boho Cafe in the Clubhouse!

Update: Uh oh! The capybara running the Boho Cafe is SO chill, he put the wrong dye in his giftboxes. We will have an update to the giftbox with the next release. In the meantime, the capybara can’t wait to see what you create with the Retro Furniture Dye!



The capybara is coming to Webkinz Classic and it wants you to know that it loves two things – fan-designed items and eclectic looks!


That’s why the first thing the capybara is doing when it arrives is opening up a Boho Cafe in the Cluhouse from August 13 to 31! To create the Boho Cafe, the capybara combined items from several fan-designed themes. There are pieces from the Bright and Boho Balcony theme by Tweetbird4, the Friendly Froggy theme by H8mouse, the Mod Holiday theme by Resonatingthunder, the Halloween Ball theme by Kittly2008, and the new Starlight Treehouse theme by furrythedog1.


Plus, the Boho Cafe features the new fan-designed item in Ganz eStore, the Donut Display Case by e3459d. This amazing dispenser dispenses one of five random donuts every day!


To go with the eclectic look of the Cafe, the capybara is sporting a new Retro Rainbow Tie-Dye T-Shirt made using the new DIY Retro Rainbow Dye, available at Ganz eStore.

Some of the prizes you might win include cool presentable foods that you can place in your pet’s room, and the new donuts from the Donut Display Case Dispenser!  So be sure to visit the capybara in the Boho Cafe every day from August 13 to 31.


Check out his eclectic style and get a chance to create your own DIY items!


37 Responses to Sneak Peek: Boho Cafe in the Clubhouse!

  1. CDR_Shepard says:

    I’ve been clicking on the donut display’s in the room, but they are not dispensing donuts like they should. So, that sucks. Also, due to the update of the wrong die being “packed by the capybara” I have not been able to get a single bottle of the new retro tie die at all. For the items that can be displayed they are the – pizza in the box, coffee, popcorn, fruit punch bowl, apple pie slice, cinnamon hearts, waffles, cupcakes, honey, lemonade, whole apple pie and the plate of chocolate chip cookies; everything else is edible.

  2. bonesbongo says:

    I see that we are no longer able to win the Retro Rainbow Tie-Dye when visiting the Capybara in the clubhouse. It was removed from the list of prizes to be won because the Capybara running the Boho Cafe put the wrong dye in his giftboxes. We are not receiving giftboxes how could he put the wrong dye in? There will be an update to the gift box with the next release could someone please explain what is meant by this. The next update doesn’t happen until August 24th therefore 12 days no opportunity to win the DIY Retro Rainbow Tie-Dye. Will there be others ways for players to win this dye? Maybe Michael & Mandy could do another Mini Podkinz and include two FREE codes for DIY Retro Rainbow Tie-Dye for the error the Capybara made.

  3. bonesbongo says:

    I have already won DIY Retro Dye x3 that is not on the list of prizes to be won. IS THIS A MISTAKE??? I have not seen any of the Retro Rainbow Tie-Dye being award on many accounts. :( I have been getting a lot of Morning Tea this prize is not even on the list of prizes to be won. Has the DIY Retro Rainbow Tie Dye been included in the prizes available to be won just curious???

  4. PJ_ says:

    I just got a furniture Retro Dye from the Capybara in the Boho Cafe… is that supposed to be a part of the prize pool?

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