SNEAK PEEK: Checkers Trophy Challenge!


Attention Checkers champs! The Checkers Trophy Challenge starts on Monday, January 28th—but don’t leave it to last minute… You’ll only have until Sunday, February 3rd (midnight, Eastern Standard Time), to complete it!





Here’s how to play. On January 28th, look for the Checkers Trophy Challenge icon on your Webkinz account. It will be displayed along the left side of the screen (web only):





Click on the icon to review your tasks. There are 3 tasks you’ll need to complete by midnight, February 3rd (EST) to earn the Checker’s Trophy:


Win 8 Games of Checkers at the Tournament Arena


Make 15 Wishes on Wishing Well 2 in the Games Arcade


Play Alyssa’s Star Challenge 3 times



Play Checkers at the Tournament Arena on and try to clear all of your opponent’s pieces off the board before they do!


You’ll find Checkers listed under Two-Player Games at the Tournament Arena.





Having trouble finding an opponent? Why not challenge a host to a game? OR, challenge someone on your Friends List!


Complete the Challenge by Sunday, February 3rd (midnight, Eastern Standard Time), to win the trophy along with a Crown Me Pedestal!





Do you have any Checkers tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments below!


33 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: Checkers Trophy Challenge!

  1. GrandmaSassieDeluxe says:

    Will the problem with the Kinz Chat Phone be fixed today? I’m very sad I can’t finish 4 more games of Checkers to get my trophy. Can you please extend this challenge, if it’s not fixed by tonight? You also cannot enter the Club House, or the Kinzville Park, for the same reason. This is very frustrating when you pay for a Deluxe Membership and can’t play!

  2. Elfaba83 says:

    There is a big problem with playing checkers on Webkinz. In the real game of checkers, if a person is put in a position to jump, the game requires them to jump. On webkinz, if a person is put in a position to jump, they can choose NOT to jump. That is not right. Some of the best ways to win are based on forcing an opponent to jump and then jumping more of their pieces as a result. Webkinz really should fix this.

    • GrandmaSassieDeluxe says:

      There’s an even bigger problem, now! I just tried to enter the Tournament Arena to finish playing 4 games of Checkers and get my trophy. It says, “All servers are full. Try again later.” What? This has never happens to me before! How can I get the trophy?

  3. zeez02 says:

    Woops, I said chess instead of checkers. xD I mean checkers. But I’m also terrible at chess haha

  4. zeez02 says:

    Oh dear, I’m absolutely terrible at chess. I don’t think this challenge will go well for me haha.

  5. mycatsnores says:

    Can someone tell me where that pink striped cat lamp comes from? It’s adorable! Thank you! >^.|.^<,,,~~~

  6. eclipse07 says:

    I’m going to be gone during the first weekend in feb but I have a sister who’s going to help me.

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