Get Cupcakes from the Lil’ Sweetheart Cows in the Clubhouse and on Newz!

Click on the Purple Cow for a free Friends cupcake!



Please note: When you have clicked on the Cow in the Clubhouse, please walk away from the Cow BEFORE leaving the room. There may be an issue with pets appearing to remain in the room after they have left, which blocks the Cow from other players reaching it. Other players are not intentionally blocking the Cow. Walking away from the Cow should resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!


The Lil’ Sweetheart Cows have arrived at Ganz eStore and they are throwing themselves into the spirit of Valentine’s Day by baking up a bevy of cupcakes!  Each Sweetheart Cow is busy in their kitchen, baking enough cupcakes to share with everyone. Visit the Blue Sweetheart Cow in the Clubhouse every day between January 16 and February 14 and click on the Sweetheart Cow to get a ‘Best’ Cupcake!


Plus, from January 16 to February 14, visit the Purple Sweetheart Cow here on Newz once a day and click on the Lil’ Purple Sweetheart Cow in the kitchen to receive a ‘Friends’ cupcake!


You can earn:

  • 1 floating ‘Best’ Cupcake a day in Webkinz World
  • 1 floating ‘Friends’ Cupcake a day on Webkinz Newz
  • 1 ‘Best’ Cupcake a day in the Sweetheart Cow Room in the Clubhouse
  • 1 ‘Friends’ Cupcake a day in the Purple Sweetheart Cow’s kitchen on Webkinz Newz



Best of all – when you combine a ‘Best’ cupcake with a ‘Friends’ cupcake of the same flavor on an oven and add honey you get a presentable ‘Best Friends’ Cupcake you can display in your pet’s room! See the recipes below!


102 Responses to Get Cupcakes from the Lil’ Sweetheart Cows in the Clubhouse and on Newz!

  1. oreothecutebun says:

    Does anyone have an extra BEST cherry berry cupcake?? willing to trade cupcakes! add me.. oreothecutebun

  2. MERTMAD15 says:

    I haven’t gotten any Friends Citrus! Is there any way to get 2?

  3. Ndume2004 says:

    I’ve hardly gotten any Best Banana Apple cupcakes and time is running out. I’ve got several Friends Banana Apple. I hope I manage to get a couple before this all ends.

  4. hpupyluv says:

    Pleaseee extend this to the end of the month!! I barely got any friends cupcakes because of all the glitches on the news website about the campaign expiring. I have all the flavors in the best cupcakes and only have gotten 2 of the friends :(

  5. organic_you says:

    I need the citrus friends cupcake if anyone has an extra. my webkinz username in organicyou

  6. vulpixer9 says:

    Please oh please extend the purple cow clicky! The best cupcakes completely outnumber the friends!

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