Sneak Peek: Cinnamon’s Chocolate Stand!


Does your pet have a sweet tooth? From February 7 – 14, visit Cinnamon’s Chocolate Stand at the Kinzville Park and click on it to get a free chocolate!



You can keep track of your chocolates by clicking on the Chocolate Collection icon that is located in the bottom right corner of your screen, while you are visiting the Kinzville Park. If you do not see the Chocolate Collection icon, it is likely that the Garbage Bag icon is covering it. Click on any recycling bin at the Kinzville Park and empty your garbage bag in order to see the icon.



There are six chocolates to collect during this event. Five of the chocolates can be collected from Cinnamon’s Chocolate Stand, but the sixth chocolate can only be found at Webkinz Newz.


Here’s a closer look at each one:



You will need to collect all six chocolates to complete your collection and win the grand prize: Cinnamon Heart Tree Seeds!


These seeds work like any other seeds in Webkinz World. Drag them into you pet’s room to plant your tree and wait several days until it’s ready to harvest! When it’s ready, click on it and a handful of Cinnamon Hearts will be added to your Dock:



If you wait until you have collected all five chocolates before getting your final one from Webkinz Newz, you’ll have to go to the Kinzville Park and click on the Chocolate Collection icon to claim your Grand Prize.


Where are you going to plant your Cinnamon Heart Tree? Let us know in the comment section below!


35 Responses to Sneak Peek: Cinnamon’s Chocolate Stand!

  1. lilangel974 says:

    i see the floating heart on webkinznewz but i don’t see the floating chocolate

  2. fuzzylulu123 says:

    I collected all chocolates and did not get my seed pack !!!!! what do I do????

    • fuzzylulu123 says:

      please help me I was so excited for them :(

    • Michael Webkinz says:

      Please make sure that you have emptied all your trash/recycling at the park. Head to the park, and if you notice a garbage bag at the bottom right side of your screen, click on a recycling bin and empty your recycling/garbage in the bin. Then, you should notice a chocolate collection icon where the bag used to be. Click on the icon and you should receive your seeds. Hope this helps.

      • fuzzylulu123 says:

        I did all of that, and I got the pack of seeds in my storage, I tried so many times to put it in my garden and it wouldn’t work. I put it in my seed shed, and no I can’t open my seed shed. I put my seed shed in my dock, and the seeds are not back in my dock. its no where to be found.

  3. lilangel974 says:

    i don’t see the floating chocolate on webkinz newz

  4. tuxkitty1 says:

    I cannot wait to get this tree. Thank you Ganz!!!

  5. Morninglight says:

    I love these chocolates wish I could buy them to really eat…. Yum…

  6. mojo18x2 says:


  7. allex123 says:

    The chocolates look so yummy!

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