Sneak Peek: Comfy Quest in Webkinz Next!

Comfy Quest


Baby, it’s cold outside! But it’s going to be nice and cozy in Webkinz Next! Introducing the Comfy Quest!

Comfy Quest




Look for balls of yarn around Kinzville  from February 15 to 28 and trade them in for comfy sweaters! 20 balls of yarn can be traded for a sweater and there are nine comfy sweaters to collect!


Look for the Comfy Quest icon on the right side of your screen to get started! And be sure to log into Webkinz Next every day from February 15 to 28 to collect your yarn! You can collect up to 50 balls a day!



Download Webkinz Next now — available for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 10. Download Webkinz Next


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18 Responses to Sneak Peek: Comfy Quest in Webkinz Next!

  1. KSC says:

    I love these sweaters! Congratulations to the design team for doing a great job.

  2. Davids1lilpixie says:

    This could be very cool IF the balls of yarn appear. I’ve found that “finding” anything in Webkinzville is entirely dependent on whether any actually show up, lol.

  3. Grandma52 says:

    These are great prizes!

  4. Beckinz8 says:

    Oh my gosh, I want those Fair Isle sweaters irl!! I hope that it will be easy to find all of the yarn. I know that I waited quite a while to get the toy balls on Next during Christmas season, and the dropping apples earlier in the year. Sometimes once I collected a group, no more would appear no matter how long I waited and I would have to log out and back in to get the activity rolling again. Yarn to make sweaters is a great collection idea for these chilly winter days, and I look forward to winning lots!

  5. donkeyhooves says:

    Omg! SO EXCITING!!! New clothes, and they’re super cute!!!!

  6. EmeraldAutumnWish says:

    Those sweaters are adorable! Nice job, design team!

  7. Ssss says:

    I wish that window was available on webkinz next and I wish we could send the window to webkinz classic

  8. BeezKneez says:

    This looks like fun and the sweaters are all very nicely designed. I will participate as much as I can, however, I wish, though, that we could choose the sweater we want.

    • 1234me says:

      Me too. I am not a fan of winning random prizes and I never play long enough to get the maximum prizes. Will keep my fingers crossed to get the 3 sweaters that I really love.

  9. Resonatingthunder says:

    YAY I love all the pretty sweaters!

  10. g2u3c4c5i says:

    Those sweaters look great! Your designers are really getting good with Next :)

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