Sneak Peek: Countdown to Christmas!


The countdown begins this Monday, December 14th!


Don’t forget to visit the SantaKinz Room in the Clubhouse every day starting on Monday, December 14th for 12 days of FREE GIFTS!


Just click on Ms. Birdy and she’ll give you one of the following festive prizes:





This great gift giveaway continues until Christmas Day, so make sure you visit Webkinz World every day!


Which gift is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


108 Responses to Sneak Peek: Countdown to Christmas!

  1. 1aa2bb3cc says:

    If I remember correctly, in previous years there was a snowflake for each day, and as the prize of the day was clicked, the picture was revealed. I liked that because I could tell if I had the prize. Could we bring that back? Thanks.

  2. jbakcs789 says:

    Sally, Michael, anyone? I can’t get in the clubhouse. I’ve been trying for hours.

  3. morggymoo says:

    what is the gingerbread adoption center for?

  4. jbakcs789 says:

    I can’t decide between the snowman slippers and the reindeer cupcake. Really good prizes!

  5. lovlyhorses4 says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! The PLUSHY!!! LoveloveloveloveLOVE!

  6. beaubo says:

    love all of these

  7. yellowhedgehog17155 says:

    I always really enjoy the snow globes and the gingerbread houses. those are really cool!!! – Mad Man with a Box

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