Sneak Peek: DIY Divider Event!



A new DIY event arrives on Webkinz Classic on May 6, and will run until May 13! During this event, look for a can of wall paint floating across you screen:



Each time you click on it, you’ll be awarded one of three new cans of wall paint: Beach House Wall Paint, Cafe Wall Paint or Mega Modern Wall Paint (limited to 2 a day for free players, 3 for full and 4 for Deluxe players).


If you combine a DIY Divider, DIY Design Ticket and any can of wall paint on the Clothing Machine, you’ll make a room divider that you can add to your pet’s room!


DIY Dividers and DIY Design Tickets are always available in the Fun Stuff > DIY section of the WShop, but you’ll only be able to collect cans of Beach House, Cafe and Mega Modern Wall Paint during this event!



Use these three new cans of wall paint to create DIY Beach House, Cafe and Mega Modern Dividers at the KinzStyle Outlet! Each divider was designed to work with their matching wallpaper that can be found at the WShop.


Here’s a look at three room designs using the three new types of DIY dividers that you can make by collecting cans of wall paint during this event:


DIY Beach House Dividers:



DIY Cafe Wall Dividers:



DIY Mega Modern Dividers:



Use the Things To Do menu to access the KinzStyle Outlet, then click on the Clothing Machine button to open the Clothing Machine.



Then, drag a DIY Divider, DIY Design Ticket and any can of wall paint into each slot and click the Make It! button to paint your DIY Divider!



You can only use wall paint to paint a DIY Divider. DIY Dyes and DIY Tie-Dyes won’t work.


Your new wall divider will be added to your Dock. Remember, DIY Dividers, DIY Design Tickets and cans of wall paint can all be found in the Fun Stuff > DIY section of the WShop.



Drag a wall divider from your Dock, into your room to use it in a room design. You can even place items on top of DIY Wall Dividers. Drag an item from your Dock, onto a room divider to display it:



Sometimes, it may look like an item is hanging half way off a wall divider. If this is the case, remove the item from the divider, rotate it, and place the item back on the divider, and it should be displayed properly.



There are eighteen different cans of wall paint that are currently available to buy at the WShop that you can use to paint DIY Dividers. But cans of Beach House, Cafe and Mega Modern Wall Paint will only be available during the DIY Divider event.



If you would like a white wall divider, purchase the DIY Wall Divider from the Fun Stuff > DIY section of the WShop and drag it into your room. It’s ready to use right away!



You can use the DIY Dividers Guide to learn more about painting DIY Dividers. You can find it in the FUN STUFF > DIY section of the WShop.


Cans of Beach House, Cafe and Mega Modern Wall Paint will still work with the Clothing Machine at the KinzStyle outlet once the DIY Divider event ends, so there’s no rush to use them!


Watch Podkinz to learn more about DIY Dividers!


Have you already been using cans of wall paint that you can find at the WShop to make room dividers? Let us know in the comment section below…


19 Responses to Sneak Peek: DIY Divider Event!

  1. megamom12 says:

    This is going to be fun!

  2. afkslippers says:

    im so excited we can place items on top of the dividers!!! thank you Ganz

  3. Alphaowlbear says:

    These new dividers are a real game changer when making room designs. I love how we can place plants and decor items on the tops. Many thanks to the design and programming staff that made the dividers possible. If I could make one request for future development, it would be just fabulous to be able to hang wall decor on them. :-)

  4. emster7 says:

    Oh my gosh I can’t wait for this! I LOVE the dividers! I’ve been using the backs of things like lockers and dressers for way too long, LOL! BTW, the 7 in emster7 is my age when I started playing. I graduated from college last year….and Webkinz kept me sane!

  5. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Okay whatt? That is so cool though! I have always wanted walls like that when making rooms!

  6. gospottgo says:

    OOOOOOOOH! Thank you for the new, more textural paints for the dividers!

  7. gingergenie2 says:

    This is a coo idea, but I wish you had chosen something other than the Cafe theme. A brick room divider is one of the recipes in Bake Sale 3. The Royal Undersea wallpaper has a nice sea shell border. The Nursery wallpaper has those great trees. The dividers could be twisted to choose blue or pink. I’m just saying that room dividers don’t always have to be neutral.

    • emimsp says:

      I agree! I wish you could use wallpaper instead of paint cans in the clothing machine. The solid colors are nice for certain rooms, but unfortunately they don’t match everything and the ones for this event are very limiting.

  8. EmeraldSwan_591 says:

    This should be a really fun event. I have made a few dividers already with the w-shop colors. The event ones should be more colorful! I am excited about this event

  9. monsterhighrules323 says:

    I love these dividers–that cafe one is my favorite with the bricks!

  10. emokelly says:

    super helpful guide and will definitely help the little snags I had figuring out dividers – can’t wait to see the new walls in game!

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